141 Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 141


Let’s Get The Results Of The Detailed Appraisal!



[Flying] Reporting on encounters with Mr. Masked Man – 1 [And Vanishing]


51 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

I’ve seen Mr. Masked Man!

He was definitely in Hakodate

His mask was shining with a divine light lol


52 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

No way! Tell us more!


53 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

There’s not much else to say~

He was just your everyday Mr. Masked Man


54 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

With the divine shine of his mask

He made the entire Self-Defense Force bow before him


55 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

>>He made the entire Self-Defense Force bow before him

I’m cracking up lololol


56 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

The Mr. Masked Man fundamentalists said he could even kill you on the spot

Mr. Masked Man really is something else

He’s benevolent enough to let you choose between obedience and death…


57 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

Did he finally take possession of Hakodate?



58 Name: Anonymous on the lookout for Mr. Masked Man

So, what’s going to fall in Mr. Masked Man’s clutches next…?


* * * * * * * * *


After the incident in Mt. Hakodate Dungeon, Haruki and the others returned straight to K-Town.


After arriving in K-Town, leaving their luggage home and heading to Mr. Kitora’s to give him a souvenir…

Haruki went with Karen to Akane’s prefab.


A few days ago, Haruki had ordered new armor from Akane.

He was sure Akane already would have everything ready by now.


Sure enough, as they entered the prefab, they found that the armor that looked like the one Haruki had ordered was lined up over the tangerine box.


It was a set of gloves and boots from Ichibishi’s middle-level “Ichi” series.

The scabbard that he had ordered the other day seemed to be ready as well.

Had Akane requested their production by a super express train? He hadn’t expected them to be ready this quickly.


“Hey, Akane. We’re ba–”



When Haruki tried to talk to Akane, he was immediately stopped by Karen.


“Akane is asleep.”



When he looked at the counter, he found that Akane was indeed leaning on it, completely out for the count.

The prefab was sweltering hot as it was exposed to the midsummer sunshine.


To fall asleep in this sauna was tantamount to suicide.

She was certainly going to get heatstroke if she kept on sleeping like that.


Still, Akane was sleeping so peacefully that Haruki hesitated to wake her up.


“I’m sure she’ll wake up as soon as I purchase something.”


Haruki decided to let Akane sleep a little longer.


Well then.

Even though we came here early, I still don’t know if this gear here is actually any good.


Haruki checked the equipment on top of the tangerine box one by one.


First, he tried the gloves on.

They were a perfect fit.

They were the exact same size as the gloves he was currently wearing.


The big difference was that the leather was a thinner material.

This made it easier to convey the sense of touch to his fingertips.


These gloves would allow for a finer sensation on his fingertips through them.

He could easily count bills even with these gloves on.


Though thinner, this leather didn’t seem to sacrifice durability.

When he squeezed them tightly, Haruki could certainly feel the leather’s strength.


The power of his grip also seemed to have greatly improved.


The amount of friction felt while holding his short sword would have a direct influence over its attack power.

Though rather trivial, wearing gloves would actually increase his attack power.


Next, Haruki tries on his new boots.

These were also of the same “Ichi” series as his new gloves.


And so was his new custom-made scabbard.


“So what’s different with these Ichi series?”


He sheathed his Magic Sword and hung it on his waist.

Then, grabbing the sheath by its mouth, he quickly drew the sword.


Haruki could immediately feel the difference.


“Ooh, it slides through perfectly.”


There was clearly less resistance with this new scabbard than with the one Haruki was using before.

The blades also made no sound as they slid out of them. They were just perfect.


So this was what “Ichi” was made of, huh?

Haruki smiled on the corner of his mouth after realizing his new gear’s high performance.


“These are great.”

“They look amazing. They should be able to conduct your energy as well.”

“Hmm? Energy?”


Following Karen’s advice, Haruki tried to pour his energy into his new pieces of armor.

As he did that, his energy flowed smoothly into his new gloves and boots, unlike how it used to be with his old gear.


“Oooh, you’re right!”


It wasn’t clear what would happen after filling his gear with energy.

So far, Haruki hadn’t noticed any difference between before and after he poured  energy into them.


But there would certainly be some changes.

Haruki made a mental note to check that out when he next goes to a dungeon.




While Haruki and Karen were checking how the new gear felt, Akane, who was sleeping at the counter, slowly started to get up.


“Hey, you’re up.”

”Hmm…? What? What are you doing here!?”

“Should I leave?”

“No, no, you don’t have to leave, but I did my best to get the armor you wanted, you know!? Why are you just putting it on like that!?”



Haruki tilted his head at the flustered Akane.

What the hell is she angry for?


“I wanted to see your surprised face the moment you saw the armor I ordered for you!!”

“Is that so?”

“What do you mean by that!? Of course!!”

“Then, maybe next time don’t fall asleep while your store is open…?”

“T-that’s why you should be quicker about coming back to K-Town!!”


“I was in a hurry to get this stuff ready for you, but I couldn’t wait forever! I’m looking forward to seeing you bow down to my efforts!”

“So you couldn’t sleep?”



Akane’s eyes quickly looked elsewhere.


“Are you a child!?”



Akane’s face was distorted with regret.


No way Akane is this happy about a single adventurer placing an order through her store…

Is everything okay with the store?

Haruki felt a bit uneasy.

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