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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 31

Let’s Befriend the Potato!



It had now been an hour since they started hunting. Something bumped into Haruki’s back just as he was about to move to the next area.



“Karaboshi. Let’s take a rest.”

“Uhh… No, we can still go…”

“Let’s take a rest. Okay?”



Karen’s smile had reminded Haruki of a demonic mask, and he seemed to shrink.

Haruki had fainted the previous day while they were out hunting together, and so he had lost any trust that Karen might have had in him as far as controlling their hunting time went.


Was the impact he had just felt actually magic?

Could it have been friendly fire?

She was suddenly making use of her abilities. Horrifying.


It was the weakest attack possible. There was only a light impact and he felt no pain.


That being said, magic was scary.

And Karen was even scarier.

Haruki sat down with his back to the wall.


Then he brought up his skill board so that she wouldn’t be able to see it, and then he touched the screen.

To Karen, it would just like he was writing letters on the ground.


While she looked a little sulky, it was fine as long as she didn’t notice the skill board.



Karaboshi Haruki(27) Gender: Male

Skill Point: 3

Class: Swordsman



Stamina 0 → 1

Natural Recovery 0



Strength 1



Quickness 1

Dexterity 1



Weapon mastery

One-handed sword 1

Throwing 1

Light Armor 0


Conceal 1

Imitate 1



Haruki had hunted a lot at a rapid pace up until now.

Thanks to that, his stamina had gone up by 1 point.


However, in spite of all that hunting, his other skills had not gone up at all.

Not only that, but Light Armor was still at a 0 in spite of a lot of attacks landing.


It had only been half a week since he started using the skill board.

Haruki didn’t think that it would suddenly start going up.

That being said, he expected it to go a little faster than this.


For instance, the skill level strength that he initially imagined for the one-handed sword would be like this…


0 = Beginner

1 = Slightly familiar

2 = First level of Kendo


5 = Professional/Veteran


10 = God


Something like this.

However, by this reasoning, Haruki was below the first level of Kendo while also being able to beat a Silver Wolf.


There were other elements to consider as well, of course. But it didn’t quite make sense to him.

Perhaps the rating of skills was more complicated than I had thought.


He knew that Technique based skills had a max level of 10, but physical skills went up to 30, so he wanted it to rise faster.


It was with such thoughts in his head that Haruki opened the Intuition and Special trees.

And then…




He nearly gasped out loud.



Growth Acceleration 3

Tame 0 ‘NEW’



Is it because he brought that thing back!?


There was no other explanation.

The requirement was so clear that it left no room for doubt.


He could imagine what it did, based on the name, but he read the explanation just to be sure.


Tame 0 (Tame monsters. Relying on each other is the requirement.) MAX 5.


Haruki relied on the potatoes that he would be able to get from Rhea, and Rhea would wilt without Haruki.



Indeed, what Haruki had done was taming.


He had tamed a monster without even knowing it.

And it wasn’t even an animal-type, but a plant-type…


Why am I always doing things that are unmemorable…!

Haruki thought as he held his head.


“Does that make me like a Druid or an Elf?”


It sounded a little cool if he thought of it like that.

…Still, taming a plant. No matter how he thought of it, it was very low-profile.


If only it had been a more eye-catching monster.


However, he had already named it. And so Haruki decided to take care of Rhea.

He had no intention of throwing it away. And since it was now at home in the planter, he would treat it as if it were a beloved child.



They ended up killing 276 Silver Wolves in all.

In spite of resting along the way, they had killed more than they did yesterday.

The biggest reason for this was likely the fact that Haruki hadn’t fallen asleep. He hoped to kill about 300 tomorrow.


When he went to the store to sell the materials, Akane cried and shouted for him to have mercy.

Yes, it was a good day.


“Um, Karaboshi. The wolf meat that we got today…uh…would you like to eat it together?”

“Oh, sorry. I’m busy today as well.”


Haruki made a light-hearted apology and returned home with a spring in his step.



Karen watched him and pouted.


Did it start after the stampede?

Haruki had completely stopped cooking for her.

He used to cook without her even having to ask…


“…Could it be…?”


A terrible thought crossed her mind and a chill ran down her spine.


(Surely, Karaboshi didn’t have a girlfriend!?)


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