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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 34

Let’s Prepare for the Search!



He made plans with Karen on the following day, and then they began their trip to Sapporo by car.

Haruki was in the driver’s seat. Karen was in the passenger’s seat. And Rhea was sitting in the back.


It would be a fatal blow if she was knocked over and the contents spilled out.

Due to such concerns, Rhea’s planter was tied down very securely in the backseat.


“So, it’s the 6th, 7th and 8th floors of Chikaho. They shouldn’t be too much trouble to explore if we’re dealing with monsters that are on the same level as the Silver Wolves.”

“True, but things will be a little different on the 6th floor.”

“Huh? I thought the inside of the dungeon changes on the 10th floor. Isn’t it always the center layer?”

“Yes. But what I mean is…there will be traps.”


What Haruki was worried about the most regarding this mission, was that there would be traps once they passed the 5th floor.


At least on the upper layers, there definitely weren’t any traps that would kill you instantly.

However, traps such as pitfalls and bear traps would start appearing. If you got caught in one of them during a fight, you would almost surely die.


And so even if the 5th and 6th floors had the same monsters, the difficulty would change greatly.


“It’s just like a tutorial…”

“Maybe it is?”


Even now, no one knew why the dungeons had appeared.

Or how they were run.


However, it was easy to imagine that it required tremendous energy to maintain them.


And so, where was all that energy coming from?


Maybe it ate living creatures and turned them into energy?

Maybe it was easier to advance the deeper you went into the dungeons, because there were more places for them to absorb people, and it was more efficient?


He had seen such speculation on the message boards.


Obviously, speculation was just speculation.

However, it was true that it was designed to be convenient for humans.


A dungeon that bred monsters was convenient for humans.

There had to be some reason for it.


“I really do want to go ahead and explore, but we have to get used to the 6th floor first.”

“…And how long will that take?”

“Hmmm. It would be nearly a month for a normal Adventurer, I think?”

“Will we make it in time?”

“We’ll have to.”


Haruki replied vaguely. However, he already had an idea about how to deal with the traps.


According to the WIKI information, you would be able to see traps that were set in the dungeon if you sharpened your senses.

Because of this, Haruki thought that he would be able to avoid them if he raised the trap detection skill.


Skill Point: 4 → 3


  • Intuition

Detection  0 → 1


As a test, Haruki had put 1 point into his detection skill last night.


When he did, the dim dungeons seemed to become just a little bit brighter.

As if a light had been turned on.


And it wasn’t just his eyes that felt the difference.

His entire body was detecting things in that space.


The bumps under his feet and in the walls, he was able to see them even when he closed his eyes, as long as he concentrated.


He wouldn’t know until he actually got there, but Haruki felt that now that he had raised Detection by 1 point, he would be able to sense the traps.

That was what Haruki was betting on.



He parked the car in front of a hotel they had reserved, and they checked in at the counter.


As of now, Haruki was the only Adventurer who had succeeded in taming a monster.

And so just as a precaution, Haruki stuffed Rhea into his magic bag.


He could only put things in the bag if they were under 20cm in diameter.

The planter was barely under that, and so by bending Rhea’s body a little, he was able to put her inside.


Currently, Karen was carrying this bag that Rhea was stuffed in.


As a way of causing mischief, Rhea would poke her leaves out of the pouch.

‘Don’t do that!’ Karen would whisper frantically and hold the pouch closed.



After checking into the hotel, Haruki headed to the general goods store for Adventurers.


The store was filled with tools that were ‘believed’ to have various special effects.

It looked like a Village Vanguard.

It was littered with so much stuff. But that’s what made it exciting.


In fact, the reason that the place resembled a Village Vanguard, was because it was under the same umbrella.

Everything here was quite niche. Many of the things seen on the shelves had uses that were completely unknown.


The tools and medicine reminded you of the occult.


Monsters might stay away if you carry this!

Maybe this will be good for stamina?

This might tell you if a monster is approaching!


Such signs were plastered everywhere.


None of them knew for sure.

It was all speculation.


Until the dungeons were created, Japan and the rest of the world mainly believed in science.


Drinkable detergent.

Pot of good fortune.

Romance bracelet.

Gold nugget that heals cancer.


These things that strayed from science were associated with the occult.


However, once the dungeons appeared, people’s faith in science diminished greatly.

The reason was that nearly everything in the dungeon was immune to what science could throw at it.


So it was not strange for things that came out of the dungeon to have such effects.

Of course, nobody knew!

—Regardless, people believed in the dungeons now.


Nothing could be proven by science.

However, somehow, the expected effect would appear.

That’s why they were associated with the occult.


In any case, it was possible that science would one day be able to explain why these items had such effects, but that future still seemed far away.


While most of the signs tried to appear light-hearted and had exaggerated ‘!?’ on them, you could safely expect nearly all of them to work.


And so Haruki looked at the different items and started to throw drinkable recovery medicine into his shopping cart.

Altogether, it was a million yen!


Normally, he wouldn’t have bought them.

However, if he happened to find the manager–Oiso Saika, and she was badly wounded and couldn’t move, then they would be incredibly useful.


The sign for the potions read: Fractures and heavy injuries will heal in just 1 day!?

So it was promising.


He continued to look through the store carefully in case there was something else that would be useful.

And then Haruki discovered something like an eel in the monster-repellent area.


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