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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 35

Let’s Strengthen Rhea!



Unlike the floors before it, there were lots of weeds growing on the sides of the passages in the 6th floor.

It was really just a small change, but as there hadn’t even been shepherd’s purse up until now, it seemed like a huge difference.


Currently, Haruki had yet to see a trap.

Perhaps there weren’t any set up here yet.


Still, Haruki walked cautiously and activated the gate.


“Should we go and check it out?”

“Yes. We can just run away if something bad happens. And then we can figure out what to do at the hotel.”

“That’s true. Alright, let’s go a little further then.”


For Haruki and Karen, the 6th floor was as far as they had ever gone in a dungeon.

But the monsters here were Silver Wolves.

Hunting them down was no problem.


However, as they had never gone to the 6th floor before, they were quite nervous.


His heart began to race.

His body felt both numb and hot.


Was he alright?

Would his power really be enough here?


However, when he finally did face the Silver Wolves, a lot of the tenseness in Haruki’s body dissipated.


“Yes. They’re the same level as in the garage dungeon.”


He had been anxious about the possibility of them being stronger…

And so Haruki sighed in relief, as there had been no noticeable difference.


“Are we going to continue on to the 7th floor now?”



Karen asked. Haruki put a hand on his chin and thought about it silently.


The monsters would be the same Silver Wolves they fought in the garage dungeon.

So they likely wouldn’t have much trouble on the way.


“The problem is the boss. We’ll go that far, and if it looks dangerous, we can turn back.”

“Got it.”


Haruki had looked up information about the 6th and 7th floors on the WIKI. So he knew the map layout and how to fight the bosses.

However, looking at information was very different from actually walking and fighting.


As proof of this, Haruki had been overwhelmed by the quickness and intelligence of the centipedes during his first battle with them.

As their attacks were not lethal, the situation was not too dangerous, but things would be different if it was the bosses on the 6th and 7th floors.


A mummy hunter can’t turn into a mummy.

He needed to be extra careful.


He mapped the floor and was wary of hidden traps as he advanced.


Then he saw the dim outline of a trap within the dark corridor.

If Haruki did not have 1 point in Detection, he would have very likely not realized and would have stepped on it.


“Karen. Can you see this trap?”

“Yes. Though, not clearly.”
“That’s good.”


Haruki was glad that Karen was able to see it too.


But as a test, Haruki stepped on the trap deliberately.


“Ka-Karaboshi! Are you okay!?”

“Yeah. I’m totally fine.”


He stepped on the square meter of ground that was a slightly different color. Then the part that had looked like ground suddenly disappeared, revealing a hole.


The hole was about a meter deep.


“…Karaboshi. Did you do that on purpose?”


“Why did you fall down on purpose?”

“You have to experiment first. Or you won’t know how the hole opens up, will you?”

“But what if there were spikes down there? You would have been badly injured, you know?”



Karen glared fixedly at him.

She was perfectly right.


The traps on the upper floors were not lethal.

And while Haruki was aware of this, his actions were still much too careless.


But he had his excuses as well.


By falling into a trap, he would be able to react quickly if it happened later on by accident.

Besides, he might gain information that wasn’t on the WIKI.


In fact, the actual pit was a little wider than the area you had to step on in order to trigger the trap.

That meant that if you stuck too closely together, not only the person who stepped on it, but others might fall into it as well.


“There are somethings I can only know if I fall in!”


Haruki declared proudly.

Of course, he was still inside of a hole. So he looked pathetic either way.


Karen looked at him and sighed, possibly with a little exaggeration.


“I don’t see why you had to fall in on purpose…”

“That’s it!”



As Karen looked at him in confusion, Haruki’s eyes lit up brightly.






When the Silver Wolf appeared, Haruki immediately turned his back to it.


“Let’s run!”

“Huh? What?”


Karen’s eyes widened. She didn’t understand what Haruki wanted.

And yet Haruki was approaching her with the monster right behind him.


“Come on. Run!”



Karen’s face grew hot as Haruki grabbed her hand and led her.


What the hell was happening?

He had never made such a bold move before!


The hand of a man.

It was completely different from her own.

It was big and rough.


This first contact with him was causing Karen to panic completely.

They were being chased by monsters, and yet monsters were the furthest thing from her mind.


The escape ended quickly.

After they retreated for about 10 meters, Haruki suddenly let go of Karen’s hand and turned around.




Her hand felt cold.

Surely he could have held it for just a little longer?


Karen’s eyes turned toward Haruki in protest, but he didn’t even notice.


As for what he was doing…




He was kicking the three Silver Wolves as if they were soccer balls.


The Silver Wolves flew through the air in a beautiful arc, and then landed…




The 3 Silver Wolves disappeared into the ground.


“…Was there a pitfall?”



They had landed in a spot where there was a pitfall.


A sad and high-pitched whine could be heard from inside of the hole.


“…Did you fall in once because you wanted to do that?”



Perhaps it was because they were born from the same dungeon, but monsters never stepped on traps.

It was as if they knew where they were, as they would avoid them even if you led them in the right direction.


That being said, it wasn’t as if they couldn’t be caught in them at all.

The fact that they avoided the traps was proof of this.


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