“I thought your replies were provoking me, and it pissed me off. But you really were grateful then…”

“He gets so few comments that he even enjoys being insulted…kk!”


Upon hearing this, the three of them looked at Haruki with immense pity and with tears in their eyes.



Don’t look at me like that!!


He had meant to push them further back, but now they seemed to be getting the upper hand.


He should not have brought up his blog.


Damn it!

He would never talk about his blog again!




It was still shaking?

Just then, Haruki felt the ground shake a little and he raised his face.


What was it?


He sharpened his awareness and noticed the change immediately.


“…You’ve got to be kidding me.”


The ceiling and walls started to move and distort.

As they watched, the speed of distortion grew faster.


“What is this!?”

“Wha-what did you do!?”


Shikama and the others realized the change as well, and they stared angrily at Haruki.

However, Haruki hadn’t done anything.


However, he did have a good idea as to what was happening.


“A monster parade…”


He muttered.

He would never have expected to encounter the start of a monster parade in a place like this.


“We-we have to run!”


Shikama shouted, and the three Adventurers moved all at once.

Of course, Haruki moved as well.


Though, it was not to get his revenge.

It was to run away.


If he died now, it would be the end of everything.

He wouldn’t be able to make them pay for their crime and get them to reform.


However, the parade started before they could get to the room with the gate.


“…Damn it!”


10 Silver Wolves dropped down from the dungeon ceiling and blocked their path.




Lars’s great sword flashed.

In just one hit, two of the Silver Wolves were cut in half.


However, in the time that it took him to kill 2 Silver Wolves, 3 more dropped down from the ceiling.

As if things weren’t bad enough, the Owners were participating in the parade as well.


“…Shit, this is bad.”


Once Haruki saw that he was at a disadvantage, he pulled out his skill board.


Karaboshi Haruki(27) Gender: Male

Skill Point: 5

Class: Sword Master



Stamina 2

Natural Recovery 0



Strength 2



Quickness 1

Dexterity 2



Weapon mastery

One-handed sword 2 → 3

Throwing 1

Light Armor 1

Conceal 1

Imitate 1



Detection 1



Growth Acceleration 3

Tame 0


“…One-handed sword has gone up.”


After he discovered the most efficient way to attack during his battle with the Owner, the power of Haruki’s attacks had gone way up.

He had noticed the difference and now saw that his skill really had been raised by one point after that fight.


“I guess it goes up when your movements become smoother. Or maybe you have to accumulate a certain amount of experience first. Also…no.”


Haruki pushed those thoughts to the side.


He was very curious.

However, this was no time to think about such things.

His fingers quickly slid over the screen as he used up his skill points.


Karaboshi Haruki(27) Gender: Male

Skill Point: 5 → 0

Class: Sword Master



Stamina 2

Natural Recovery 0



Strength 2 → 3



Quickness 1 → 2

Dexterity 2



Weapon mastery

One-handed sword 3

Throwing 1

Light Armor 1

Conceal 1

Imitate 1



Detection 1 → 2



Growth Acceleration 3 → MAX

Tame 0


He raised Strength for damage and Quickness for attack speed.

Detection would allow him to see attacks from all directions.

And then he also increased Growth Acceleration, in order to enhance his still inadequate physical abilities during combat.


There was no point in hoarding points if he died here.

And so he used up all of them.


“What’s that item you’re using?”

“It doesn’t matter. Just think about getting out of here.”


Haruki put the skill board away and pulled out his two daggers from their sheaths.


The monsters still hadn’t gone through the gate yet.


Haruki threw down the slimy eels he was holding so that they blocked the gate entrance.


The slimy eels were very effective against monsters on this floor, but they wouldn’t do much during a monster parade.

This was because, even if the monsters wanted to run away from the eels, the area was too dense with monsters, and there was nowhere to run.


They would still try to avoid it, but you couldn’t push your way through them.

In that case, it would be best to secure a place to escape with the eels.


Monsters didn’t appear from within the gate room, but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t go inside.

If he blocked the entrance with the slimy eels, the chances of them taking over the gate would be minimized.


As long as the monsters didn’t block the gate, they would be able to escape to the surface.


When Haruki was able to confirm that the slimy eels were keeping the monsters away from the entrance, he attacked the two Silver Wolves that were the closest to him.


“Run to the gate!”

“Don’t order me around, you little shit!”


Shikama shouted angrily. Three Silver Wolves seemed to react to his voice and attack him.


Shikama kicked one of them and cut open another with his long sword.

Then he used shield bash to send the other one flying.


It was impressive.

He was very skilled.

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