55 Part 3


There was a single, simple reason why his attack had worked.

It was that thin stream of light he could see after gaining a new Divine Protection.


It flickered in all directions.

It suddenly shone where there was nothing at all.

It remained lit for a split second.


The light flashed on various places.


Back when he was dealing with the Beroberos, Haruki would not be able to see it unless he was in an extremely focused state.

But now that his Divine Protection had been increased to MAX, things were different.


Just by concentrating a bit, that light flickered clearly in front of him.

It would be a fantastic thing to see, were it not for the fact that he was in the middle of battle.


The light would shine brightly whenever Haruki was aware of it.

And when he paid little attention to it, it would vanish.


When he couldn’t see the light, his attacks would do no damage.

But when attacked the path shown by the light as it shone over the Lizardman’s tail, the blade went through.


It was as if the light told him where to cut.

Like it knew the Lizardman’s exact weak spots.


In fact, the moment Haruki increased his Divine Protection to MAX, a new skill had appeared on his tree.



Detection 2

Weakpoint Exploit 0 NEW


With the appearance of that new skill, Haruki was able to consistently aim for the point that light would lead him to –that is, his opponent’s weak spots.


Keeping the light’s flickering in mind, Haruki continued his relentless attacks.


The light would go off just as quickly as it appeared.

So he had to react quickly to it in order for his attacks to work.


Since this light represented weak spots and openings, there had to be some kind of pattern.

With that in mind, Haruki could predict the monster’s movements and attack accordingly.


That’s why he had to observe the boss from behind.

To analyze and predict his movements.


As Haruki’s head kept on working at full speed, he kept on attacking the monster in quick succession.


Then, a certain tendency gradually became more and more evident.


Whenever the boss attacked, a bright light would shine at the root of its tail.

Perhaps it was some kind of habit of the Lizardman.


As soon as he became aware of that, Haruki immediately increased the frequency of his attacks.


As he continued to unleash his attacks, Haruki waited for the right moment.


The Lizardman attacked.

At that precise moment…

It happened again.


A bright light shone at the base of its tail.

Haruki cut right at that precise spot with all his strength.


The light flickered.

Then it vanished.

And the tail was dancing in the air, separated from its body.


The Lizardman, too, seemed surprised to have sustained that kind of damage.

Despite being in the middle of battle, its body shivered, and took its eyes away from Kagemitsu for a split second.






Kagemitsu’s single attack exploded.


Kagemitsu’s greatsword hit the Lizardman’s neck directly.

The scales on its neck stop its momentum.


But Kagemitsu kept pushing in.


The Lizardman’s head separated from its torso as blood gushed out.

The boss stood there as a statue for a brief moment, and then slowly fell on its back.


“… Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”


Kagemitsu let out a cry that sounded like a beast’s roar.

Then the other members of Aerial join in the outcry.


“… Alright!”


A masked Haruki appeared behind the fallen Lizardman’s back, raising his fist in celebration for their victory.


The reason why they had been able to damage the Lizardman this time was because he had raised his Divine Protection to MAX.


Haruki had thought that the ability that was to be strengthened depended on the God that one received as Divine Protection grew in power.

However, he had no idea just how powerful Rhea’s Throwing ability would become after obtaining <Ptah> as her Divine Protection.


He had no way of knowing if MAXing out his own Divine Protection would give him something he could use against the boss. It had been a gamble.

And one with pretty bad odds.


But Haruki had won the bet.


Divine Protection: Invisible One <???> → Overthrowing God <Medjed>


Completely covered in cloth, his body is unseen.

The one who overthrows while remaining hidden from sight — <Medjed>


He was another God in Ancient Egyptian religion.


He had responded to Haruki’s expectations. He was more than suitable for helping Haruki defeat monsters.

And he had been just as Haruki had expected. Medjed’s Divine Protection had granted him the incredible ability to pinpoint and exploit his opponent’s weak spots.


Those weak spots would appear as a flickering light. It was linked to a passage in the Book of the Dead, in which Medjed is said to ‘shoot rays of light from his eyes’.

Haruki earnestly hoped that light would never shine upon himself.


As he was thinking about that, an intense pain began to course through Haruki’s body.


It felt as if his body would split apart at any second.

The pain was so severe that it made him seriously think that.


Was it Level-Up sickness?

But this pain was on a completely different level than he had ever experienced.


Haruki fell on his knees as he grit his teeth in a desperate attempt to remain conscious.

However, his efforts were in vain, and his consciousness faded into darkness.



* * * * * * * *



【Give it your all】Let’s Beat Dungeon With All We’ve Got! Topic 216【Urgent】


112 Name: Anonymous challenger

Let’s discuss the rampage of that masked guy in Chikaho


113 Name: Anonymous challenger


There’s a topic about Chikaho so post it there


114 Name: Anonymous challenger

Chikaho’s Monster Parade was the stampede type

The Aerials led by Kagemitsu had cleared it


115 Name: Anonymous challenger

So Aerial is now able to defeat a Monster Parade?

That’s amazing


116 Name: Anonymous challenger

Actually the one to defeat the Monster Parade was another dude

Aerial themselves only defeated its boss


So during the Monster Parade, that masked guy was pretty much alone the whole time


117 Name: Anonymous challenger


He did it solo?

Wha…  ¿ⓧ_ⓧﮌ


118 Name: Anonymous challenger

Aerial and that masked guy seemed to have done a pretty good job

The local thread about it is on fire


119 Name: Masatsugu★


Looks like this is going to be another great topic


120 Name: Anonymous challenger

>> 119

He’s here!

You’re alive after all, huh?


121 Name: Masatsugu★

Fortunately yes

Of course everyone else is fine too


122 Name: Anonymous challenger

Everyone… no way!?


123 Name: Masatsugu★

Everybody loves bacon

I’m currently on medical treatment


124 Name: Anonymous challenger

I get all puffed up during medical treatment

So you got food poisoning for eating bad bacon…?


125 Name: Anonymous challenger

Ah but I’m glad you’re fine

It’s been a while so I was a bit worried

I should have expected this from the hero who can recover both Shinjuku from monsters, and himself from bad bacon!


126 Name: Masatsugu★

>> 125


We couldn’t recover Shinjuku


127 Name: Anonymous challenger


So you only recovered from food poisoning?


128 Name: Masatsugu★

That was just the end result

I tried to defeat the stampede’s boss but…


I had to run away

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