Lovable Package – Chapter 34 – Little Vampire 14

At this moment, Su Tang was lying on bed. His face was blushing out of shyness. He even didn’t want to open his eyes, as Shen Lan was checking his bottom to see the wound, he also spread his legs wide.


His thigh had already become red, and now that Shen Lan touched it a bit, Su Tang made a sound out of pain. Then, he covered his mouth and tried not to make any more sound. Shen Lan also tried to lower his voice and be more careful, as he also felt distressed by Su Tang’s suffering.


The healing ability of the bloodkins is fast, and it was relatively easy to get healed from these small wounds. Shen Lan knew this clearly, yet he couldn’t be at ease and had to check it by himself.


He took a small medicine box and lowered his head to put some on Su Tang’s thigh. Since using a Q-tip would make the application quite uneven, Shen Lan had to spread it by his fingers. It was a white ointment, and it was quickly absorbed by the skin. It had a cold, but more like a sticky feeling. This made Su Tang recall the thing that Shen Lan did to him some time ago.


When Su Tang didn’t think about it, he felt fine. But now he did, he started feeling hot again. Su Tang arched himself twice, and Shen Lan held him down back. Su Tang had to continue lying down while blushing.


After he applied the ointment on his thighs, he rechecked Su Tang’s buttocks. He was serious, and while he did so, he showed no bad intentions. He also tried to be as gentle as possible as he didn’t want to hurt Su Tang.


In any case, when being stared at the buttocks, anyone would feel awkward, especially when Shen Lan was literally staring at them.


When Shen Lan finally let go of Su Tang’s buttocks, Su Tang breathed a sigh of relief. Actually, he was just worrying too much, as Shen Lan was just being a responsible guy by making sure that his wound would heal.


Su Tang couldn’t reject Shen Lan, and could only continue to be looked at. Fortunately, he was lying down, and he didn’t have to look at Shen Lan’s eyes straightly. Otherwise, he might get so embarrassed that he’d turn into a red tomato.


While he was lying there, he thought, this has really been a big price to pay. After all, it’s only because the other party had been too persistent, and that could be a bad thing…


He thought again and again, and had found out that his thoughts had wandered around nowhere. He shook his head and felt the coolness from the ointment on his buttocks, yet he was breathing out hot air.


Shen Lan patted him and rolled him over like a pancake, then said, “baby, I have to discuss something with you.”


“What is it?” Su Tang asked.


“From now on, if I’d hurt you, you have to let me know. You cannot hide it away from me like this time.” Shen Lan said to him.


“I know, next time…I will tell you next time.” Su Tang lowered his eyes and said softly.


“Okay, what a good baby.” Shen Lan smiled and got closer, as if he was going to touch Su Tang’s lips. Then, he stopped and lowered his voice, looking a bit bad. ,


He said, “then …when’s the next time?”



It was already later than 3 pm when they got out. Su Tang was led by Shen Lan, his face still a bit red, and he couldn’t help himself but to pull his clothes. He slightly lowered his head and let the wind blow his hair.


Shen Lan noticed his motions, he turned and stroked Su Tang’s hair. He raised his mouth and seemed to be in a good mood.


“Don’t laugh at me anymore.” Su Tang felt a little uncomfortable. He saw that there were more people on the streets. And the girls kept turning back and looking at them. He knew that he couldn’t raise his voice and could only stare at Shen Lan.


“I didn’t laugh.” Shen Lan didn’t admit it. Seeing that the winter was coming soon, the sky had become greyish, and it was getting cold. It even started to hurt a bit when the wind blew on his face. Then, he changed the subject.


“Baby, do you feel cold?” Shen Lan asked.


Su Tang didn’t feel cold. On the contrary, he was starting to feel a bit hot. When at home, he didn’t feel anything being called “baby”. However, since the two were outside, he naturally felt a bit uneasy.


He quickly covered Shen Lan’s mouth and warned, “don’t call me like this.”


He was worried that Shen Lan didn’t know what he meant, so he explained, “there’re so many people, they will hear…”


“Okay.” Shen Lan nodded, when he saw Su Tang’s hand moving away, he asked again, “then what about candy? Baby?”


“Ah, ah, don’t repeat it!” Su Tang was furious, since he couldn’t stop Shen Lan, he made a few steps away.


Shen Lan smiled and caught up, he grabbed Su Tang’s scarf and wanted to hold him. At this time, he saw a familiar figure in the crowd.


An Shiyu was also nearby, but she wasn’t accompanied by her roommate. She was alone. There were so many people in the shopping mall. She hadn’t expected to see Shen Lan here.


After all, the two knew each other, they both greeted, and Shen Lan resumed his usual poker face, only that he’s holding Su Tang who’s moving wildly in his arms.


“Are you out for shopping?” An Shiyu asked politely, she was stunned when seeing the intimate motions of the two, and she felt like having interfered them.


“Yeah.” Shen Lan nodded. He pretended as if nothing had happened. Then, he saw several youngsters on the side of the bronze statue in the center of the street. They stood up and stared at An Shiyu.


The few people looked skinny. Their hair was oily and long; their faces were very pale. Usually, they looked filthy and tired just like those beggars on the streets, but this time, they seemed particularly sensitive to Shen Lan’s gaze.


Shen Lan frowned, he gently patted on Su Tang’s shoulders, and the other person quickly turned back. Their gazes met, and the young person retrieved a bit.


But they kept staring in the same direction. It seemed that they weren’t willing to let go.


In fact, there are many vampires in this city. The air is filled with the smell of decay all the year round. There are so many people walking on the street, and it’s not weird to have a vampire passing by.


As long as they didn’t attack human beings and lived normally, they wouldn’t catch the attention of the Blood Hunting Organization. Unfortunately, these few silly ones couldn’t hold it. It might be that they had starved for too long.


Given the occupation of Shen Lan, he naturally had to protect An Shiyu, and so he suggested, “let’s go together?”


“Oh?” An Shiyu was somewhat surprised. She and Shen Lan were not very close, but she also knew that he was relatively distant and never took the step to know the others. The reason why he suggested this was probably because of the few scary-looking people on the street.


An Shiyu was actually a little scared. The two are classmates. There’s nothing weird to help each other out. However, since Su Tang was also present, she was reluctant to join or to interrupt.


She thought of this and finally shook her head, “thank you, but I’m fine by myself too.”


This was an expected answer, and Shen Lan was not surprised. In fact, he was not good at doing this kind of thing, but he couldn’t leave An Shiyu alone either. He was silent for a while, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.


Especially when three people stood together, it was just like the Shura field. People couldn’t help but look at them when they passed by.


Su Tang was standing between the two, and he was also very embarrassed. He felt the necessity to act a bit more generous, yet he wasn’t willing to.


After all, no one wanted to go shopping with a love enemy, even though she’s an imaginary enemy.


“What are you struggling with? There is an important mission.” The system suddenly reminded him.


“I know.” Su Tang looked at An Shiyu and continued to say, “but I can scare the vampires away, and the girl will still be safe.”


When the system thought about it, it seemed that Su Tang was making sense. This method could get rid of everything once and for all, but there still seemed to be something wrong.

“But how are you going to scare them away? By acting cute?” After the system complained, Su Tang stopped talking.


“Be generous once, just once. Although your cuteness can’t scare the vampires away, it’s more than enough to attract the male protagonist.” The system continued to fool Su Tang.


“Okay then.” Su Tang finally gave it after what was said by the system. He pulled Shen Lan’s fingers, “… I’m okay with this.”


Although he said so, he obviously looked a bit pitiful. When Shen Lan looked at him like this, he suddenly regretted it.


When Su Tang saw the facial expression of Shen Lan, there wasn’t so much unhappiness in his heart anymore. He said again, “let’s go shopping together.”


And he added, “if you don’t say yes, I will…I will bite you.”


Shen Lan suddenly burst into laughter. He stroked Su Tang’s head and seemed to want to say something. Having realized that An Shiyu was still there, he said to her, “we’ll be safer together.”


“Okay, thank you very much.” An Shiyu was grateful and thanked them again.


“It” s okay.” Shen Lan shook his head, and the three entered the mall together.


There were a lot of people around, An Shiyu walked in front, and Shen Lan and Su Tang followed slowly.


Inside, the warm air was flowing around, compared with the coldness outside, it’d make a person sweat. Shen Lan wasn’t afraid of the heat, and he started holding Su Tang.


He pulled Su Tang closer to him to avoid the crowd hurting him, then, he got closer and continued the conversation.


“So, my baby just told me that he wanted to bite me?” Shen Lan asked with a smile.


“I didn’t.” Su Lan immediately shook his head and realized that it’s not a good thing to like biting people, “I was just saying it, I will never bite you.”


“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t let you do so.” Shen Lan pulled his hand and lowered his voice, “you can do it at home, but don’t regret what you’ve said.”

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