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Five People, and (2)





“Eu Ugh!”


Sneaking away stealthily from their place the hooligan was approaching Riley when suddenly a sword came out of the blue, he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.


“What, What is this?”




The tired and breathless hooligan saw that a sword slammed into the sand. When they turned their head they saw Sera, who was completely involved in the battle.


“That, that bitch!”


The sword that she threw away some how managed to graze her face, the hooligans who were already tired, changed their facial expression and began to move in a bigger, louder and faster pace.


‘Let us get hold of a hostage! I will give out a cry!’


Sera who was blocking the stream of weapons that were flying towards her saw the sight of the hooligans who were approaching Riley and his associates, and bit her lip.


‘The, the accuracy rate…..’


This was the first time that she had met someone who was worthy of being her opponent so she bit her lip.


‘Just like that……’


‘…… the sword?’



Unlike Sera who was biting her lip out of regret, Nainiae and Nara who were watching her because Riley asked them to were astounded and surprised by the attitude of the girl in the field and had an absurd look on their faces.


“Master, young Master….. That is……”


Nara who felt a little embarrassed called out to Riley, Riley who was quietly watching Sera fight smiled gently and muttered out.


“……. This is a passing score.”


Just a while back Nara witnessed the girl throwing the sword and she was more startled and disturbed than Nainiae.




To throw the sword for meeting the desired goal, was a very though action and she knew how hard it was to do it.


‘Miss Sera… did she learn how to use a sword? I don’t think so, no way…. I’ve never been to the mansion……’


She too, could assert that in the magical cave of Endal Riley was practicing with his sword.


Not a dagger, to pick up a sword which was very lengthy and to be able to hit the target is a tough thing to achieve… I was barely able to hit the target even after imitating it by increasing the hit rate with the help of a magic spell.


‘Almost hit it.’


But eventually I did not… yet it wasn’t a problem.


‘Only once?’


In addition, it was done in such a way that I was surprised that the woman’s swords almost hit it.


“Look at that. I can do it.”


Sera who showed both her swords was praised and at last Riley decided to get in to the action, he picked up a sword that was attached to his waist.


[Sera. I think you are a sensible person with a sword, tell me if you are not certain.]


After hearing the sudden voice of Riley in her head, Sera who was surrounded by the hooligans raised her eyebrow awaiting for a sign.


“… Young Master?”


Sera peeped into the gap that was present between the hooligans saw Riley who warned her.


[Because the sand is about to rise, when I signal you take a big step back.]






He drew the sword, according to his premonition and his opinion of the sand to Sera took a stance without the three people near him noticing it.



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‘…. That’s it!’


Around the last spring, she saw Riley who pierced through the heart of Astro, now looking at the same posture that Riley took, Nainiae’s heart started beating at an uncontrollable rate.


“Shield, will it hit?”


“No, won’t do much.”


At the question of Nainiae if the shield will work against the shock, Riley answered that it wasn’t necessary.


“….. Intake”


Waved his hands with a short movement.


“These bastards will freeze…”


After disarming Sera, the hooligan who started to approach Riley and his companions the whole body suddenly started to freeze and Riley took a breath.




Riley held the sword in his hand, and they witnessed a scenario where he swung his arm with the sword but it vanished immediately like a mirage.




At the moment when a hooligan took the breath one could count the number ‘one’, a great gust of wind came from the back of towards the hooligans which made them




At the sudden gust of wind that came the hooligans were surprised and didn’t know the reason for it, and Priesia who didn’t know what was happening let out a loud scream.


“….. Ugh!!”


From the place where the sword was thrown a sound “Bang” was heard, Riley and his companions were hit by a large sand wave.




The gust of wind was lighter than what he expected it to be, and Riley had a grim expression on his face after looking at the sand particles that were completely filled in front of him.


‘Like this, Sera will be able clear up her surroundings.’


Riley who was beyond worried used the time magic to help them out, on one side the sand wave that was coming very speed slowed down noticeably as Nainiae stared at it.


“Be prepared for what’s going to come.”


He knocked on the opaque membrane that was stuck in the air as if he had a shield, knock, knock, he banged, Nainiae on it by concealing herself with a momentary move.


“… Oh! OMG! OMG! AH!”


The ruler embraced Sera in her arms as she came back.


“Miss Sera, are you alright?”


“Nai, Nainiae?”


Sera who suddenly noticed that she was still in the arms of Nainiae looked at Riley and took a deep breath after seeing him realizing that she was alive.


“Dead… I thought I was going to die.”


Riley’s dungeon sword was dashing out of his foot, however if it was thrown hard enough the shock wave could be great enough for a person to be blown around like a bomb, when she leaped back the image of new Sera who was rising from the ground came to his mind.


“Ha Ha Haa….”


Nera who was in front of Riley just a while back, was muttering to herself as she was searching for the vanity that had disappeared somewhere due to the sword.


“Young Master, What did you do?”


“What I did? I pushed those troublesome guys out.”


“Wow, monster…..”


In order for Sera to withdraw from the roundabout of the hooligans at once, I scattered them up with one strike with my sword and this explains how Riley’s foot got hurt in the process.





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“Monster, what…..”


“You are a monster! Young Master is a human?”


At these words of Nera he looked like this made no sense, and Nera looked at Riley who had no change in his expression.


“You are really a monster right?”


“I’m human. Yes! I’m a human.”


Persia who was in front of Nera immediately changed the topic by asking the companions.


“No one’s tired…. Right?”


The girl who was blown by the sandy wind from the east dusted her white hat and Nera shrugged her shoulders and answered


“No one.”


“It’s, it’s a relief.”


At the words that no one was tired Perisia took a breath of relief, Nera scratched her hair thinking that the wind which came a while back would have swept away the thieves.


‘I have no idea what happened to those guys.’


Scratching her heard Nera moved back not knowing that Sera was approaching in her direction.


“Excuse me, teacher…. I’m injured.”


“Ah. Is that so? I’ll treat you right away. Where are you hurt?”


“It’s my heart”




“My heart…. Seems to be injured. I was too surprised a few moments back.”




Joke class, a person with a serious face was ‘Joke!’ing Perisia burst into laughter and almost immediately shrugged her shoulders and put up a blank experission on her face.


“I’m sorry. That field is not my specialty.”


“Oh oh”


“Hahaha. It seemed like my heart was hurt too, but it is fine now.”


Since the mess has been cleared, while they were taking breath Riley looked at the four people who still had traces of sand on them and said.


“……Lets get back to the main topic.”


At Riley’s words of getting back to the main topic Nana who was in the conversation with Sera and Persia nodded her head.




To move the Mana that was inside their body, Nainiae who created a dimension of good source of that can maintain its efficiency even through five people, speaks while her arm has been shaking a lot.


“Please take a deep breath everyone.”


Nainiae warned everyone to take a deep breath before passing the dimension because if not the inside of the body will turn into a torment for them, once the preparations were completed she looked at Riley.


“Preparations are done.”


“Let’s move quickly.”


They were worried about Abyss and Endals that remained in The Anthirium, without any delay Riley was about to enter the dimension from a side, as soon as he put on foot in the dimension he spoke.


“….. to Romola village.”


Before entering the dimension, while three people had an idea as to where they were going from now on, while the remaining members were wondering whom they were going to face from now.


“No way……..”


“Ian…. Sir? It is Mr. Ian?”


Last winter…. In Ramola village, Nera and Persia who along with Mr. Ian solved a mojor event for the monsters were muttering his name when Nainiae opened her lips and said.


“Please enter first.”


The dimension portal that she created a while back connects them to the Romola village, when the three people were looking at her of explanation Nainiae shifted her gaze and started to sweat.


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“Nainiae, it is Mr. Ian right?”


“Has it been decided that Mr. Ian is going to be the last, sixth member?”


“Wait a minute…. I saw, I saw it in the newspaper that Mr. Ian was in Romola village!


Why did he not return to the mansion?”


Along with the questions of Nera and Persia, Sera also questioned her but Nainiae turned her gaze towards another side pretending not to know.



*     *     *



“Uh! Every time we you go through Nainiae’s portal….. Miss Persia are you feeling alright?”


“Me? Do you think I’m alright?”


“Miss Sera’s stomach seems to be weak. I’m having a lot of fun, is this how it is supposed to feel, it’s like flying round and round in the sky?”


Riley turned and looked at the people who were behind him and looked at the messy town and woods of Romela.


“You two were here the last time right?”


At Riley’s question Nera and Persia who were conversing with Sera nodded their head and answered him.


“It was not messy. I tried to stop in the forest, but the monsters came to one side of the village…. Especially the big one were rushing towards the buildings.”


Wielding the without any hesitation, Nera and Persia took a deep breath as they remembered the day they Holy Spirit all day long, they were through ‘moments like that.’


“As a result all the members united and no casualties were produced. But the saint Persia was the biggest. ”


If she had no divine power then the number of causalities would have increased during the outbreak, and Nera’s absence would’ve added hundreds of more causalities.


“Miss Nera made the right judgment to stop the tragedy. And was it Miss Nera who persuaded the people who were in a turmoil?…. The force… I was smiling because it was not appropriate for some reason.”


Nera was scratching the back of her head because the praises from Persia seemed too high for what she did and she started being praised by the people for her excellent work.


“I am more active than I look. She can be said to be in the stage of being compared to young master Riley? It cannot be seen, but it is a fact that she showed dedication.”


Sera who was listening to the conversation and the explanation of Nera whispered to Nainiae.


“Miss Inaril? What is this about her being skilled enough to be compared with Young Master Riley?”


Nainiae who was concerned on how to answer the question that Sera asked wanted to explain in a simple manner like ‘Last winter’.


“Ah, That… last years winter……..”


Nainiae explained the story in a of last years in a simple manner, after listening the incident of the last year’s winter Sera had a grim look on her face and stared at Riley.




“…..  what are you looking at?”


“Nothing! Nothing at all.”


Riley looked towards Nainiae and asked why Sera turned suddenly! And with the sound ‘huh’ began looking at him.


‘What happened?’


 She thinks you are heart broken after hearing about what happened in the winter of last year.’


‘…… Oh.’


Riley looked at Sera who seemed to know what happened and moved towards her direction to let her know that he was feeling better.






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“Though Miss Inari is Miss Inari out of specification, It is amazing that she was comparable to Young Master Riley.”


“I’m a pupil of Miss Inari”


Riley started to walk from the woods to the town of Romola and two people in front of Sera broke her line of thoughts by starting a conversation with her.


“Just, just now you heard the story of Young Master Riley?”


“Miss Sera, Calm down. I will explain it I you”


Sera didn’t know what happened in the village of Romalo, so Nainiae who was in front of her started to tell her the story of what happened in that place.


“….. Bring me a board!”


“Here, Nails aren’t enough! Get me some more!”


To avoid the confusion that might arise in the people Riley went into the forest and checked it near the entrance of Romalo, and after checking it he looked at Nera and Persia who were coming behind him.


“A few shattered building are here, there isn’t much?”


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