It Was Too Late to Notice – 15


“Well now, everyone, are you hungry? It’s my treat, so please order as much as you want!”


“Really, David-san?! Then, is it okay if I get a hamburger steak?!”


“Yes, of course!”


Alice was delighted with the various number of items on the menu, her eyes sparkling.


One hour later, the wounded adventurers in the church, who were treated by Alice and the others, have regained their composure, and the group of four had headed to the bar near the central square of the city for a late dinner.


Currently, the group of four sit around a table.


“What’s this? I guess Kururu-sama and Tina-sama didn’t ask for anything.”


As Alice browsed the menu, Kururu and Tina looked hesitantly at the choices, grumpily muttering “Hm… hm..”, under their breaths.


(Kururu) “Um… it’s already late at night, and a meal at this time is, well…”


“I agree with Kururu-san. Recently, because I have been living in this town for so long, I have been eating a little too much,” said quietly by Tina as she secretly pinched her stomach.


“I don’t see anything wrong with how you two look, but I can understand how you feel. However, it is important to eat, and I will remind you of that again and again, so even if it’s light, please order something.”


“Well then, I’ll just have a salad.”


“Me too! …. And I’ll also have some milk.”


In fact, the two’s figures did not change at all. However, they stopped travelling, and the place where they lived changed, which made them uneasy.


Alice tilted her head in doubt as she looked at the two, wondering why she was restraining herself.


David gently smiled, and said, “You know, it makes me feel a little lonely that I will have to part with you all soon.”


“Eh, David-san, where are you going?”


“Originally, I was ordered to be Kururu-sama’s and Rex-sama’s guard, so I stayed here, but I will return shortly to fulfill my duty to the king, and be appointed to another mission.”




Alice frowned as she thought of how she finally became good friends with David, but that he was going to leave. David looked away and smiled, reading her face like an open book.


“Ho ho ho, why do you have to make such a cute face? It’s not like I’m going off to my death or anything. If you ever want to see me again, we’ll find a way to meet.”


“You’re right, but… even so, I’m going to be a little lonely without you around.”


Kururu agreed, her face showing signs of regret.


“I agree. The time I spent taking care of and being by Kururu-sama’s side will be greatly missed.”


Hearing those words, Kururu thought of the past and whispered, “Me too…” with a smile.


“David-san has been working hard, and if you weren’t around I think Kagami-san would go crazy. Or rather, it would be unpleasant to leave management up to that person! Thinking about the time after David-san leaves is scary! Again, it sounds like something a founder of a religious sect would say!”


Imagining that time, Tina cried and her face grew pale.


There was only a little space between them but, seeing those three who held him dear, the fact that he was leaving made David feel a little lonely too.


“Please don’t make those sad faces, I’ll surely see you all again in the future.”


Even to this day, seeing Alice sad makes David want to say “sorry”. Alice began to realize that even if she is depressed, it will just make David feel troubled.


“….. Yes, it’s a promise.”


Just saying that, they forced a weak smile. Then—


“You guys were here all along?! I didn’t see you in the church so I had to look all over for you!”


Rex appeared near David, heavily breathing from all the searching. Then, seeing that their expressions were different from usual, he took Alice’s and Kururu’s hands, and pulled them out of their chairs.


“W-wait a minute, Rex-san?!”


“What’s the matter? Why do you have those looks on your faces? Also, why are you here, of all places? I thought you guys were going to come back to do some errands, but…”


While they were in a moment of confusion, Rex brought Alice and Kururu to the bar.


“Alice…. Kururu… I’m leaving the village very soon.”


“Sorry, I don’t understand, Rex-sama. What do you mean?”

Then, as soon as David saw Rex trying to leave the bar, he stood up and grabbed Rex’s shoulder. Despite this, David’s expression was firm, only perturbed by his own impatience.


“Explain it to us later, and just go! Time is of essence!”


With that, Rex glanced at exit, and—


“You don’t have to raise your voice like that, Rex. We’ve been working until late at night, barely getting any rest… Try to take a breather.”


Standing at the exit was a woman with purple hair dressed in magician’s clothes, so positively striking in her appearance that you could see her a mile away.


“……Puruna-san?”, Kururu said quietly, Puruna smiling and shaking her hand as confirmation that she was right.


Just a little while back, Puruna Bioure was a member of the Rex’s team, who was on a journey to defeat the Demon Lord.







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