LV999 Villager

Chapter 87 It was too late to notice – 17

“Even still, Rex-sama, I had to go through quite a lot of trouble, you know? We can’t take actions unless we are sure that it is a demon after all…. And even still you ran away the moment we made a request to help catch the demon. It is a shame that a person like you would be corrupted by a demon.”


Hearing that, Rex made a bitter face and glared at Palna.


“Why, Palna….? I am sure you also heard what master said. It does not matter if they are demon or human… Then, not just killing the demon lord, using a different method… Couldn’t you have at least waited till we gathered ten thousand gold?”


“Master….? Aah, that villager? Now that you mention it, I don’t see him anywhere… Well, either way, it doesn’t matter to the kingdom how strong the opponent is. I mean, one wouldn’t think of living normally even after being labelled a criminal… It would save me the trouble if you give up on this.”


“….Answer the damn question, Palna!”


“It’s because I did not wish for that.”


Finishing saying that, Palna looked at Rex with a gaze filled with hatred.


“Wh-why, Palna-san?! At the very least, Alice-chan and Menou-san were able to fit in with the people and live normally! That is… That is no different from us!”


Tina desperately tried to persuade Palna. Seeing that, Palna let out a sigh.


“That way of thinking is naive, Tina. The demons and us can never live in harmony. Even if you were close, they would definitely betray you one day…. You will be deceived and lose people important to you. And even if Alice is a good demon, we can’t know for sure if the others are good either. So, before someone has to bear the sadness again…. I will end it all!”


Saying that, Palna surrendered Alice over to the guards at the back and pointed her staff towards us. In accordance to that, all the other soldiers also pointed their weapons towards us.


“There is nothing we can do about this.”


Amongst the other customers at the pub all confused about the sudden chain of events, Kurl made an expression as if he had given up and raised both of his hands to show he did not plan on resisting.


Following that, David, Rex and Tina also raised their hands.


We had no means of resisting. Having our weapons in our rooms and not even being able to see the opponent’s status window, resisting would just be futile.


“Wise decision. As expected of the princess… Capture them all!”


And in the next moment, following Militalia’s command, few soldiers came with ropes. They made sure all four of them were properly bound with the rope.


“David…. tell me before you are taken away. Why did you provide false information? Why did you… disobey father?”


Kurl asked David, looking straight forward, without even moving her head. To the sudden question, David gave off a sad expression. Because, in the end, that too was futile.


“Because you…. had started to laugh like before again.”


Having heard that, as if Kurl had just realized something, she opened her eyes open but soon reverted to a sad expression and muttered ‘Is that…. so’.


But, immediately after—-




Along with that shouting voice, the counter exactly opposite the entrance of the pub was destroyed with a big sound.


Everyone immediately faced that direction. As if she had destroyed the wall with only his bare hands, Takako was standing there with her hand put forward in the cloud of dust.


At that moment, Tina, who was the closest to Takako slipped through the soldiers before they had tied her hands. Following her action, after kicking off all the soldiers surrounding him, David started running towards Palna.


“Alice-sama! Lie down!”


Then, David brought out a needle from his shirt’s hem and threw it towards the soldiers who went to capture Alice.


Not being able to deflect the sudden attack, the soldier received the needle with his hands and let go of Alice as a result.




David yelled, taking advantage of that one moment, and closed the gap between him and Alice, grabbed her and threw her towards Takako with all his strength.


Alice flew over the heads of all the soldiers and Takako caught her gently to avoid hurting her from the impact.


Immediately after, before getting captured by all the soldiers surrounding him, David took a backstep and created distance between them.


“Tch…. I had forgotten one. Who would have thought she would do something so reckless.”


“This much is normal if you are with Kagami-chan. Well, don’t worry, I will properly pay the repair expenses later.”


Takako had said so with an air of composure but inside, she was not as calm.

It was still a desperate situation.


“I had secretly stuck around as Rex-chan was acting weird but who would have thought something like this would happen. Let’s run, David-chan, Alice-chan, Tina-chan!”


“But then, Rex-san and Kurl-san will-!”


“Those two… it will be impossible to save them from that situation. Let’s fall back for now. At this rate, we are in danger too.”


The moment Takako had finished talking, all the soldiers came running towards her at once.


But David stopped their advance by throwing needles at their feet.


“Please, run, Alice-sama… even if it is just you!”


“Wha… what do you plan to do, David-san?!”


“I will buy enough time for you to escape! Kurl-sama and Rex-sama will be fine… But you will be killed if you get captured!”


The soldiers had already started to attack him but he used martial arts to trip them and break their formation.


“Tina-sama, Takako-sama! I leave Alice-sama to you. Hurry to Kagami-sama and Menou-sama!”


Then, after exchanging one last glance with David, Takako left the pub with Tina and Alice in her hands while David blocked the soldiers from chasing.

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