LV999 Villager

Chapter 89 It won’t begin if we just keep running

They had ran out of food long ago. However, they were not feeling hunger. And not only that, they were also not being attacked by drowsiness and they did not even know how long they were there.


And as such, they had been fighting monsters and advancing deeper and deeper, without stopping.


Even the spiral staircase, which would always be there at the end of floor — they had descended it 98 times and had now reached the 99th floor of the dungeon.


“Oh, feels like we will hit the staircase soon. Which floor were we on again?”


“99th. The next one will be the 100th.”


“Whoo, good job counting it.”


“Of course. We are probably the first ones to come to this dungeon. And so, we should properly know how many floors exist for the ones coming after us… And we also need to think about returning too…”


Saying that, Menou took a notepad out from inside his hat and wore a sharp expression. Then, after treating it like it did not matter, Kagami peeked through the hole, where the spiral staircase would be.


“Nn? Oi, Menou. There isn’t a spiral staircase here.”


Till now, a circle shaped spiral staircase always existed at the end but this time, it was not there. Not just that, the walls inside the hole was not glowing a bluish-green — it was jet black and was hollow.


“This is… is it a dead end? Or does it want us to fall? What do you think, Kagami-dono?”


“Even if it is a dead end, there is a hole here, though… and even if we were to fall, we can’t see anything ahead us… Even I can’t probably survive if I fall from really high up.. What shall we do…?”


For the time being, to test it, Kagami took out 1 silver from the huge back which was full of the gold they earned in the dungeon, and dropped it into the hole.


They strained their ears to listen to the sound of the recoil but no matter how much they waited, the sound did not come.


“Alright, let’s head back, Kagami-dono. The money we earned is also starting to become hard to carry and jumping with this money would be suicide too.”


“Eehh?! We came this far and will go back without meeting the dark dragon?! It is definitely down there!”


“It is too dangerous. And also, I was against you fighting the dark dragon from the start. It’s about time, right? We achieved results so…. You need to obediently go back he….uh, Kagami-dono? What are you doing?”


Completely ignoring Menou’s suggestion, Kagami threw the bag of money into the hole, took out two knives from his rucksack, thrusted them into the wall, and started to slowly descending.


“You wait here, Menou. I will go down and confirm.”


“Wha?! There is no way I can let you go alone, right?! Nnngguugu..!! You should at least listen to me once or twice!!”


Being utterly dumbfounded as he said that, Menou, too, started descending like Kagami.




Not long after they started to descend, Kagami had an uncomfortable feeling.


“Nn? Nnn? What is this?”


Even though it was really dark in there, he could see his feet till now. But now, as if some black matter had covered his feet, he could not see them anymore.


He tried lowering his body to test it and after a point, as if there was something completely cutting off light, his body was completely covered in the dark.

However, even if he could not see, he could feel with his feet and there was no feeling of something happening to his feet.


“Ahh–I see. So it’s that.”


Then, after going under just like that, when his eyes had also crossed that line, a dazzling bluish-green light shone in front of him.


When he looked up, he couldn’t see Menou who was supposed to be there, since it was completely black.


And then, when he looked down, he saw that there was a pure white floor just beneath him where the bag of gold and the silver coin he had thrown was lying.


“Menou! It seems to be fine to just jump down normally!”


Saying that to Menou, Kagami let go of the knife he had pierced through the wall and jumped down. He was in the air for quite a few seconds but for some reason, when he landed, it only made a light sound and he did not feel any recoil.


Following that, Menou also jumped from above and, he too, landed with a light sound as if the floor had absorbed all the recoil.


“The reason we could not seeing anything from above was because of a mysterious matter which cut off light, eh? ….. We were completely fooled… Kagami-dono? What happened? Why are you so surpris…. Wha?!”


To Menou, it was the first time he saw Kagami that surprised. When he also shifted his vision towards what Kagami was looking at, Menou also lost his words.


There laid a dome which was so vast it could not be compared to anything they had seen so far. A pure-white glowing floor and the faint bluish-green from the dungeon walls.


‘You did good… conquering all the trials up till now and arriving here, to me.’


A voice resounded, as if it was talking directly into their minds.


In that vast space, in front of them, was a dragon which covered about one-fourth of the huge place. Its black scales were shining as if they were made of steel. It had darkish, enormous, sharp claws which gave the beholder goosebumps. Its dorsal fin shone purple like a crystal and the enormous jaw, which looked strong enough to crunch through everything easily — sinister purple eyes which looked like they could make anyone freeze with a glance.


Even without anyone telling them, they understood it was the dark dragon the moment they saw it.


‘If one only has one way to proceed, even if it was as pitch black, with nothing in sight, they have to have the courage to keep on going. Good job mustering up courage and crossing that hole… You are the one, who is truly strong.’


“Eh? No, umm… About that, we… umm, we just pierced our knives into the wall to come down…. Though?”


Even being completely surprised, Kagami finished saying that, being honest to a fault.




Then, the dark dragon, not changing its dreadful appearance, resounded a stupid voice in their heads.



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