It Was Too Late To Notice -13


“What was…… that?”


When he saw that strange phenomenon occur in front of his eyes, Kagami had a strange, uncomfortable feeling. Kagami understood that it was as if this feeling were devised to be like that.


“I don’t know, it will rewind again even if I dig and dig it again. It’s as if…… we were being told that we can’t proceed any further.”


“Of course I understand that because I see it too, but how does the construction of it work like that?”


“Even if you ask me that, I don’t understand it either. Is it something like magic? …… or maybe it is something we can’t understand.”


“Magic…… hah.”


However, I can’t feel the mana at the moment when the magic is activated to raise up the ground. But there’s no other explanation except that it must be magic. For Kagami, it’s as if it were the same thing like the status window, like saying “it was something like that,” and forcibly making them think like that. It made him feel a little sick. (Tn: I decided to call maryoku as mana)


“I would become rich if I were to sell the soil here, but…… looks like it can’t be used”


“We can’t bring this back home, hah…… but this, no matter where you dig a hole, it will only allow for it to go this deep, right?”


“No, not at all. A long time ago, in order to defeat a monster that was insanely more high-leveled than I was, I made a pitfall deeper than this to defeat it. But I will never do something like that again because the efficiency was very bad.”


“A pitfall to defeat the enemy…… was there that much of a level difference?”


“No, the difference was only one, but there’s more experience if you defeat an enemy with a level higher than yours…… at that time, I was still a low level villager. And I was alone.”


He didn’t want to remember something like that, it made Kagami’s expression slightly darker and when Menou saw that, they diverted their face.


However, the words spoken by Kagami were that only this place had such a special structure as to return things back to the way they were before, and therefore, their conclusion was that “there’s something here.”


“But, it’s meaningless to continue in this way…… perhaps, it was to prevent trespassing, so there should be another way in.”


“So if we can’t go about it this this way, then you mean it won’t permit us to step foot inside the dungeon?”


Even though they knew that there’s something here, there’s no point if they don’t know the way to get inside after all. They made a sigh because their efforts were completely useless.


And yet, even though Kagami knew that it was useless to breakthrough like that, he still took the shovel and started digging at a different place from Menou. But, it was useless. Bit by bit, the portions that he dug closed and rose up, and became like before.


“…… Hah?”


However, Kagami still didn’t stop his useless action.


While he knew that it was useless, Kagami still tried digging as the ground restored itself over and over again.


“It’s useless Kagami-dono…… Let’s give up and head back to the city now…… Kagami-dono?”


Menou muttered that while their expression showed that they were giving up, but Kagami didn’t give up. As if he noticed something, he continued to dig into the ground.



Soon, Menou finally noticed the changes once a lot of soil covered their feet.


“This, this thing’s recovery speed is very fast, but if it’s only at this speed then I can continue doing it somehow.”


Kagami’s digging speed couldn’t catch up with the ground’s recovery speed. However, Kagami didn’t stop his hands and continued to dig up the ground and soon he was catching up to it.


“It seems so but…… What are you going to do?”


“It would leave a bad taste if we go back and leave it as it is. Maybe there’s something here…… I’ll try to be a bit reckless and dig it up.”


“Reckless? ……What do you intend to do Kagami-dono?”


“Menou, if there’s something dangerous here, please protect me, I’ll be counting on you.”




Kagami smiled at Menou as soon as he said that, then, a white aura burst out from Kagami’s body.


For now, he assumed it was not a ridiculous dungeon, so there should not be any high level monsters inside. Usually, Kagami could let out only 30% of his power, but there’s a skill that can make it 70% for 3 minutes, thus, he activated “Limit break”.


With the activation of this skill, after 3 minutes are up, he can’t move his body for one whole day. Without knowing what will happen in the future, using this skill can only be seen as an act of an idiot, but Kagami still activated the skill even though he was aware of it.


He did it because he was interested in knowing what was ahead.


“Let’s go Menou…… don’t get separated from me! Follow me properly, okay?!”


“O-oi! Wait for me Kagami-dono!




When Menou saw that Kagami had activated the skill, they held Kagami’s waist in panic. And then, Kagami immediately hit the ground with all his power.


At the moment Kagami’s fist touched the ground, the shock that can be thought of as an explosion occurred at that place, and the soil parted around them and was blown away.


“Here we come…… Oraaaaaa!”


And then, the soil around their feet was blown 1 meter away, then Kagami moved his shovel with a speed that couldn’t be followed by naked eyes, and the soil started flying away to the sky.


“o……oh, my, my eyes are rolling”


As if to dig a hole with a drill, Kagami kept digging the soil at his feet while rotating at high speeds. Menou, who stuck to Kagami’s back was rotating as well.


They sunk while resisting the soil which kept rising up, and they gradually went down to the bottom. The situation began to change after they were digging for around 2 minutes.


“Uooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ……hah?”


“Ka- Kagami-dono!!? We, we are, fa, falling dooown!”



They kept digging until more than 8 meters of depth had been reached. Suddenly there’s a ‘boko’ sound and the ground began crumbling down, and they were enveloped with a floating feeling. However, that feeling disappeared in less than a few seconds, and then the two collided with the ground.


“Ow that hurts…… so Menou fell down together with me, too”


“Kagami-dono…… it, it was heavy, you know?”


“Ah, sorry. To think that didn’t hurt too much.”


It wasn’t too high after all, so after they collided with the ground, they immediately got up and looked at their surroundings.


Despite the fact that the light didn’t reach them, the room was beautiful. All of it was illuminated by a faint blue-green light. The difference was that being in this room made you unable to understand exactly whether it was a dungeon or not.


The place where they fell down was a large space which had a round shape, the room that emitted a blue-green color and was wrapped in soil didn’t have any passage. However, in the middle of the room, there was a spiral staircase made of stone that also emitted a blue-green color, which continued further down.


“What is this…… room?”


When Kagami said that and looked up to the place he fell down from, the hole was gone, it had completely closed.


“u geh…… it was closed.”


“As expected…… there’s a dungeon in the holy forest. So, is there a dark dragon here, too?”


“It seems so, I didn’t think there would be a dungeon in such a special place like this.”


“The hole has been closed, so we can’t go back from there…… maybe there’s another exit somewhere. We don’t know if there’s an exit or not but we should go Kagami-dono. Just be careful enough. okay……?”


Menou said that with a serious expression, and then Kagami just replied with, “Ah” and headed towards the spiral staircase at the center of the room.


3 seconds later, Kagami started crawling on the ground because the after effects of “Limit break” started to show.



Edited and Proofread by: Loriel

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