Magi Craft Meister

(Chapter 282)

Vol. 10 Ch. 16: Repairs


The next morning, there was breakfast as usual at 7:30. The nobles, being royalty, woke up earlier.


Hannah woke up at 5:30, and rolled around in bed, while Jin also woke up early, becoming Hannah’s partner for waking up.


That being so, Jin braided Hannah’s hair.


Erza woke up later around 6 am, arising to the opening of the curtains.


All three of them woke up, so they went to go wash their faces.


When they exited the corridor, an automata stood in their way.




The automata greeted them. Jin sensed the automata’s failure in its speech function.


Because there was a bathroom at the end of the corridor, they headed in that direction without getting lost and washed their faces, feeling refreshed.


Jin, who looked out the window of the bathroom, knew the automata had the bucket for drawing the water.


“This automata’s behavior is a little off as well…”


Knowing that Kurain Kingdom was understaffed made Jin feel a little concerned. At that moment, a cheerful voice came from behind.


“Oh, I see that Jin and you guys have woken up! Good morning!”


It was Princess Lieschen. She appears to be wearing a thin silk nightgown. The pattern was so close-knit that you couldn’t see through.


An elderly maid was with her, but the princess washed her face alone, along with her mouth. She took a towel from the maid to wipe her face, and started to brush her hair.


The bathroom had a mirror, but it was a little distorted, although it showed the brilliance of Jin who was lost in it but noticed and chanted,

“Transform. Face Treatment.”

Chapter 282


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