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10-17 Side Story- Hourai Island’s secret and Topaz’s job

Topaz, Hourai Island’s golem maid was in charge of the soil development.

Amethyst and Ruby, who were created at the same time, were in charge of the defence. Peridot was in charge of the house work and Aqua was in charge of the flood control.

They had subordinates, who were given numbers from 1 to 100, and they all worked diligently everyday.


Soil development is kinda plain but it is important.

The reason being that it connects to providing their master, Jin, with necessary food.

The leader of all the Topaz, ‘Topaz leader’, was given all the necessary knowledge from Jin and Laojun (which is ultimately Jin’s knowledge anyway) to do the work.

Most of the unclear points were solved by asking Laojun, so they mostly don’t face any hindrance while carrying out everyday work.


“Done with the first stage of the orchards and the field’s maintenance is also complete.”


The Topaz says to herself. It was a habit she got from Jin. One tends to talk to themselves more when they live alone for so long.

In front of Topaz’s eyes, the field and orchard spread into the horizon.

In the field, there were wheat and barley. Fruit trees grow depending on the four seasons, so she tried planting wheat and they kept growing steadily and would soon be ripe enough to be harvested.

There were pelshka, apple and citran. And also maron (chestnut) and ornatt (walnut). It also had lamons (lemon).


“Pelshka seems like it would be the most useful.”


Chapter 283


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