Magi Craft Meister

10-18 Unforeseen Incident




Hearing Jin’s footsteps in the corridor, Hanna also stepped out. She was wearing a different dress yet again.

This one had no sleeves. The type which hangs from the shoulder.

The skirt spread out and made fluttering noises every time she walked.


“How is it coming along, Jin? Are you maybe done with half of it?”


Princess Lieschen asked with somewhat impish eyes. Jin smiled and replied shortly,


“I am done with all of it.”


Not expecting such a reply the slightest, the princess asked with wide eyes,




The princess had not really known what a Magi Craft Man would actually be like but she had her own thoughts about it. But that was all betrayed in a good way.


“It is true, princess. Jin-sama is a wonderful person. He also fixed me completely.” said Tia.


“T-Tia! You can walk now?!”


“Yes, thanks to you and Jin-sama, I was completely fixed. Just like before — No, I have been fixed to an even better version of me than before. With this, I can always serve you properly.”


“I see, I see…!”


The princess said while jumping towards her and Tia properly grabbed her. Till now, Tia probably had some difficulty freely using her feet so this was probably the first time she was able to do something like this.


“As you can see, I am completely fine now.”


Saying that, Tia held the princess up in her arms. This was the genuine princess carry.


“I am glad.. I am glad…”


Seeing the princess become even happier than yesterday when they had restarted Tia, it made all three of them smile.













“I really wanted to introduce you to my father, the King but…”


After having lunch, Jin informed the princess that they were leaving.

The princess nodded even though she was a little reluctant. She might have thought that it would not be nice to forcibly make them stay.

At that moment,


“Excuse me.”


Along with the v


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