Magi Craft Meister

10-19 Survivors





Jin and the others had completely let their guard down. Moreover, the timing was bad as well.

Because they were travelling via carriage, the Hanna full-time SP were a bit behind.

There would have been no problems whatsoever if Reiko was the first to get off. There’s no point saying that now, though…

On top of that, Jessica and Gloria also went towards the forest to check.

Furthermore, the man must have also been using magic tools with hide effect.

The SP might have been aware of the man’s presence beforehand but as his intentions were unclear, they were a bit late in coping with the situation.

Misfortune kept piling up for Jin’s side which was fortune for the man. (No, considering what happens next, it would probably be better to say the man was unfortunate.)

Chapter 285

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