Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 287 Jin, activate


100 silver swords and 20 all-purpose golems which can even endure battles.


“Do you want the swords to be long swords? Also, what about the specification of the golems?”


It was an obvious question. He couldn’t give his answer unless he is properly aware of what to make. The prime minister, Powell, answered to that question,


“Yes, I would like the swords to be long swords. There are also samples, so please take a look afterwards.”


But the problem were the golems.


“What would be the main use and size of the golems?”


“To be bodyguards. The miscreants you repelled today–against raids like that, we have far too few soldiers. In the first place, our country is…”


And so the brief explanation went on. Kurain kingdom’s knights and imperial soldiers are career soldiers and they would be about 700 in total. Their army as a whole would have around 4000 units. Kurain kingdom’s population is about 100,000 so this should be their limit. Jin deemed the informati.. Continuing Reading

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