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10-22 Golem Complete (Chapter 288)



“They were all underlings of the Unifiers.”


Gloria had started briefing them about the details she acquired by interrogating the thugs Jin (or rather Reiko) had suppressed.

They were unrelated to the people who caused the golem uproar the previous day.


“It seems they had only received orders to attack Alban during the afternoon that day.”


She continued explaining, saying that they had received quite the half-baked orders, that they could just do as they please if they went berserk.


“No matter how I think about it, I come to the conclusion that their aim was to create chaos.”


She brought the briefing to a finish.


“The guy who tried to kidnap Hanna… well, I would say he was the more logical one out of the rest. He probably thought he wouldn’t go unscathed after attacking Alban. He confessed everything during the interrogation.”


She also added that they didn’t really know all the details themselves. Although, Jin probably knew more than anyone in the room about what was actually going on behind the scenes.


“I don’t know how much you know, Jin-dono, but from the information we received, it seems that the battle which broke out in Tetrada was brought to an end by a mysterious force. The Frantz kingdom’s army withdrew. You could call it one sort of a cease-fire.”


Jin also knew well about that. It was he who did it, after all.


“To summarize, I think it is okay to say that the small countries have become stable. Although the post-war conference with the Frantz kingdom has not been held yet.”


Although Jin was somewhat curious, he really just wanted to leave the political problems to the countries. However, there was one point he could not yield.


“Did the Frantz kingdom not do the recruitment?”


Jin had known that the order of recruitment had reached village Kaina.


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