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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 289 Secret Copying


Heintz Lash introduced himself as the second son of the baron Lash.

His hair was brownish-yellow and his eyes were aqua. He was pretty sturdy.


“He is very promising even among the young knights.”


The princess complimented him. Hearing that, Lash seemed a bit embarrassed.


“S-so, princess, what would you like me to do?”


“Hmm, listen to Jin over here.”


Heintz turned to face Jin.


“Heintz-dono, I would like it if you give some of your time in measuring the strength of these newly made golems.”


Jin explained. But even after receiving the explanation, Heintz looked like he didn’t quite understand what Jin meant.


“By the way, as a knight, you fight with a spear or a sword, right?”


“Hmm? Yes.”


And without a moment’s delay, Jin used magic.


“‘Transfer Info-Mild lv4.'”


It was his first time trying the mild option.

There aren’t many people who would be happy if their memories and knowledge were copied so he used ‘Transfer Info’ silently so they don’t notice. He wouldn’t be able to properly explain himself either, after all.

He copied it to the last piece of magi crystal he brought from the Hourai island.


“‘Decompile’…. Hmm, seems to be fine.”


Jin confirmed that his magic had successfully worked.


“Jin-dono, so what do I need to do, exactly?”


Heintz asked once again. Looks like he didn’t notice what had happened at all. It was a big success then.

Jin told Heintz,


“Please wait a little. I will be activating this golem now so could you maybe do a simple sham battle with it?”


Heintz had…..Continue Reading

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