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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 290 – 100 Swords


Although 5.5 nickel steel is very tough, it is not quite suited for blades.

This is because of the excess nickel which leaves quite a bit of austenite and therefore reduces the hardness.

And as such, Jin started by separating the nickel from the remaining ingots. It takes two times the effort but he still has to do it.


“‘Extraction’: nickel.”


Out of the 1.79 tons of 5.5 nickel steel, 98 kgs of nickel was separated. The remaining pure carbon steel was more than enough to make 100 swords.


“Okay then, Elsa. How about practicing ‘separation’?”


Jin told Elsa to come closer. And then he began explaining.


“Listen well, Elsa. The trick to ‘separation’ is to properly grasp the amount. And you do that by feeling the weight. 1 gram each so for 10, ..Continue Reading


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