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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 291 – Reward


“Minister! Why did someone like you make such a request?!”


The owner of that voice was a sturdy, middle-aged man.


“Bolton, you’re being noisy.”


The minister rebuked but the man wouldn’t listen.


“Arms are only to be forged! The swords made by striking steel are harder to break and the shields made with multiple layers of iron are far more tougher. I am sure you know these swords made with cast metal will break in no time at all and be of no use. It is the same for the arms made by a magi craftsman. Have you forgotten what happened the year before the last?! Even if they do not break, they bend quickly! They can’t cut. Telling the soldiers to use such arms is the same as telling them to die! It is insane! I am strongly opposed to this!”


He finished saying all that in one breath. Just when they were feeling a sort of déjà vu,


“…Father……Continue Reading

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