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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 292 – Leasehold land, village Kaina



“Hmm, Kaina village, eh”


The Kurain kingdom king, Alois the Third, said while smiling happily.


“Are you okay with just that? You could ask for much large land, you know?”


“No, I would like it to be Kaina village.”


Jin’s decision would not change.


“Hmm, that is fine as well.”


Alois the Third ordered the secretary to prepare the contract papers.



‘I will lend Kaina village to the magi craftsman Jin Nidou as leasehold land.’


That was the outline of it.

After which, the details were discussed — for example, the definition of Kaina village, its range, the duration of the lent, etc.

The lending period was decided to be 50 years from present time…..Continue Reading


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