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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 294 – Return


The following day, this time for sure, Jin decided to leave Kurain kingdom’s capital, Alban.

He had been away from the Kaina village for quite a while too. Hanna was probably starting to feel homesick as well.

It was unfortunate how they couldn’t drop by Raglan firm where the peddler Roland was. It will have to be during the next trip.


After breakfast, the princess once again saw them off till the main gate with her carriage.

The Imperial Guards were guarding all four sides of the carriage.

For further protection, Gloria was also riding with them but due to the fact that they would be saying farewell momentarily, no dialogues were exchanged inside the carriage.

Just the princess’ few words,


“You know it’s completely fine for you to stay…”



Going past the gate, the carriage stopped. The knights who were guarding were considerate enough to give them some space.

Inversely, the SP for Jin, Hanna and Elsa were guarding every nook and cranny of the carriages surrounding. Although they couldn’t be seen.

Jin and the others descended from the carriage slowly lik……..Continue Reading

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