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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 295 – Owner Jin


The location where the carriage landed was not the Kunlun island mansion but rather inside the garage with the warp gate setup.


“When did they even make all these….?”


Jin muttered. The last time Jin had come to the Kunlun island was on 26th. It was 30th now. Seems like Laojun had established quite a lot of things in that short period of time.

Jin thought that he would praise him for it later and got off the carriage with Hanna and Elsa.


“Waah! This, is onii-chan’s home! Wow, wow! What is going on here?”


Hanna had noticed the difference from before in a moment.


“Hanna-chan, Jin-nii is amazing. So he can do these stuff as well.”


“Yep! Onii-chan is amazing!”


While Jin was thinking how he would explain it to Hanna, Elsa went ahead and convinced Hanna….Continue Reading


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