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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 296 – Progress


After lunch, Hannah went to play since she hadn’t been to Kaina village in a while.

Elsa was telling Mine about their journey.

Jin had started planning to protect Kaina village, just in case something were to happen. And to implement those plans, he went back to Hourai island.


“Welcome back, master.”


Butler 1 welcomed him.

And then Jin went to the workshop.


“Welcome back, master.”


Ann also came. Jin thought he would tell her later about how he met a similar-shaped automata, Tia.

Jin sat down on his usual chair and started discussing with Laojun through the equipped mana cam.

He explained that now that Kaina village was his leasehold land, he was thinking of increasing its security.


“I would like to install magic eyes in several places and increase bodyguard golems.”


Laojun also agreed with Jin.


[Right. I agree with equipping magic eyes for monitoring al…Continue Reading¬†


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