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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 297 Because I like him

April had ended, along with spring, and came May, with summer closing in. Today is the 2nd day of May.


“Yes, this is a letter. A, B, C. Let’s try reading them.”


“Eii, beee, shiii!”


Mine and Elsa were having a study session, teaching Hanna.

Jin, who was absent-mindedly listening to them while laying down, once again thought about how similar these world’s letters are to Earth’s ones.


(Well, there might also have been some other human who was summoned long ago from Earth.)


He won’t come up with an answer even if he pondered and so he recalled the conversation he had with Reinhart last night.


[Seems like the Serroa kingdom’s governing body started operating properly at last, as we were finally able to renew our passing license. It has been a while since I rode a carriage.]


“Glad to hear that.”


[Yeah. Beth and Dolly probably want to meet their family as well, after all.]


“You too, right?”


[Haha, yeah. We have been away from our motherland for more than a year now, so we all feel homesick.]


“Where are you staying tomorrow, again?”…Continue Reading


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