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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 298 Jin, departs



Going back in time a little.

After being told that he could travel if he wants, Jin went back to Hourai island in great joy and started preparations for his trip.


“Now then, let’s get the carriage ready first.”


The carriage he had built back in Egelia kingdom still remained, but after assigning the equipped warp gate for other uses, it would be a bit of a bother to put it back.

Laojun had been putting together a carriage of similar type for this occasion. Jin thought he would make a new model from scratch.

He made the outward appearance similar to the previous one.

Of course, he also equipped the warp gate.

With four-wheeled, self-support suspension system, ‘Active suspension’.

Fully furnished air-conditioning.

Floodlight projector.

And, of course, the horse would be a golem horse.

This was what would usually be equipped but from this point on, Jin did the unthinkable.


“I guess I will make it so that it can run even without a horse.”


In other words, he planned on equipping it with a golem engine so tha.…….Continue Reading


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