Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 299 City of Ganiz



On the 3rd of April, when spring was in full swing, Jin was able to successfully meet up with Reinhart.


“Matheus, he’s Jin. Although he does have the title of Honorary Magi Craftsman of Egelia kingdom, he is free of restraints.”


Reinhart introduced Jin to Matheus, who was his friend and escort.


“Jin, he’s Captain Matheus Gaist Fon Rialgar. He is a friend of mine and also the captain of 3rd squad of the Imperial Guards. He will become my brother-in-law soon, as well.”


“Nice to meet you, I am Jin Nidou.”


“Nice to meet you as well, I am Matheus.”


They greeted each other and shook hands.


“I have heard a lot about you from Reinhart during our journey. You seem to be a wonderful magi engineer.”


“Hahaha, that’s right! Jin is a magi engineer whom I can’t even hope to reach! That much I can guarantee you!”


For some reason, Reinhart answered with pride. Seeing that, Matheus raised his eyebrows for a second there but soon went back to normal.…..Continue Reading


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