Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 300 Culprit




“You don’t need to laugh about it that much.”


“Ah, sorry. But, when I think that you were worried about that with Jin, I can’t stop.”


In short, Matheus was worried that Reinhart was homosexual.




“I-it’s your fault to begin with! You confined yourself in the carriage so long with him…”


Matheus’ face turned red as he explained himself. But that also made Reinhart laugh even more.


“Th-that’s about enough! I am going to my room!”


Matheus went out of the room, slamming the door close.


“Haha, I wonder how I am going to explain this to Jin…”



*   *   *




Jin and Reiko had reached the carriage stop.

Curtains were spread around Matheus’ carriage and some of his subordinates were staying the night there. Matheus, his butler, his lady attendant and four of his subordinates went to stay the night in the city and the remaining were here.

And there Jin met an unexpected person.


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