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Chapter 303 The Border City


Toskoshia city was so close to the Shouro empire border that it was called the border city in Serroa kingdom.

Also because even though Shouro empire was in good terms with Serroa kingdom for a long time, the only entrance to it was by the border city, Toskoshia.

North from Toskoshia city lied the mountain range but south of it was a large lake which separated the two countries.

And although both these countries possessed vast areas of land, they had low population and the gap between their cultures was also big, which made them not that enthusiastic about cross-national cultural exchange.


“Well, the previous emperor did say that that won’t do and brought a little change.”


Reinhart was explaining as such to Jin while on their way to Toskoshia.


“It’s unfortunate that I can’t really disclose much information about things between the countries as I am the diplomat.”


“Oi, you two, Toskoshia is in sight.”


Matheus called out to them from outside the carriage.


“Ohh, that’s amazing.”


As Toskoshia was the border city, the fortress for border defense was adjoint to it. But Toskoshia wa..Continue Reading

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