Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 304 For the time being, Jin will




Noticing the girl beside him collapse, Barou, alarmed, tried to help her up.

Jin also couldn’t just stand by and watch so he rushed over too.


“Seems like she has a fever.”


Belle’s face had turned red so Jin put his hand on her forehead to check and noticed she was burning up.

Belle’s consciousness had also gotten hazy and her breathing became shallower.


“Belle! Belle!”


Barou, who was holding her up, was desperately shaking and calling her but she didn’t regain consciousness.

Jin stood up.


“Reinhart, can you leave these two to me?”


Jin asked Reinhart.


(“Yea, I don’t mind. Do you plan on taking them with you?”)


Reinhart replied with a low voice so only Jin could hear him. Jin also answered in a low voice,


(“Yea, I can’t just stand and watch and I also feel like I have some responsibility here, even if only a little.”)


(“I see… Once you get into Shouro empire, a visa or ID won’t be needed.”)…Continue Reading



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