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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 305 Pelshika Juice

The two had regained consciousness so Jin, with Elsa and Mine, went into the room.

It was completely pitch black outside now but since Jin’s house had magic lamps lit, they could see properly.

And the room those two were sleeping in was even more brightly illuminated.

There were two futons placed in the room and Belle was still lying down. Barou was sitting up straight and saw Jin and the others come in.


“Yo, seems like you regained consciousness.”


Jin called out to them.


“Y-yes! U-um… this is…?”


The two were sleeping on quality futons made in Hourai island. Barou, who was feeling grateful towards this really comfortable futon opened his mouth first.


“It’s a place called Kaina village. More importantly, how do you feel?”


“Y-yes. Thank you very much, I am fine now.”


Said Barou as he tried standing up but Jin stopped him and said...Continue Reading


“Ah, just keep lying down, it’s fine. Drink this.”


Saying that, Jin gave him a glass of pelshika

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