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Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 306 Naked Conversations

“Fuaah… S-so this is a hot spring…!”

Belle was deeply impressed after getting into the hot spring.

Elsa and Belle’s homeland, Shouro empire’s central areas, didn’t really have rain that much so there wasn’t really a custom of entering a bathtub.

“How is it? Does it feel good?”

“Y-Yes. Really good…”

*   *   *


Barou was stretching out in the men’s section.

He was all alone.

As he relaxed in the hot spring, he felt his piled up fatigue slowly disappeared.

“To think such a facility exists.”

He poured hot water on himself and cleaned his whole body before entering so he was following the etiquette.

And then, a few villagers came in as well.

“Oh, I thought we were the first ones but seems like we got beaten this time.”

“Idiot, didn’t you see the clothes lying in the changing room?”

“Hey, nii-chan, who are you?”

2 men and a kid came in.

Barou panickedly greeted them.

“Ah-N-nice to meet you. I-I am Barou. Umm, I was brought here by Jin-sama and…”..Continue Reading