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Chapter 307 Shouro Empire

After having lunch, Jin let Hanna and the others know that he was going out again.

All of them accompanied him to the underground entrance to see him off.


“Onii-chan, take care. You too, Reiko onee-chan.”


Having understood that they would come back frequently like this while in their journey, Hanna was able to send them off with a smile this time.


“Jin-nii, you’re finally going to be entering Shouro empire, huh.”


Elsa looked just a tad bit jealous.


“Yeah. It would be nice if you could return someday too.”


Jin said while thinking that she must feel like returning there too.


“Mm. But still, this is a nice place. And mother is with me, as well.”


“Yes, Jin-sama, please don’t bother yourself with it. Rather, please enjoy your trip.”


“Thank you. Well then, I leave Barou and Belle to you guys.”


“Yes, leave them to us.”


Barou and Belle weren’t here. It would be a bit troublesome if they suddenly knew that Jin could go to Shouro empire from here so he left them at his house.

It was still early for them to know.


“Ah, right, right. I was planning on building a feudal lord’s mansion or something around here. Just letting you guys know.”


Jin told them about what he was thinking about yesterday. There was no time so he was concise.

In short, if Kurain kingdom’s messenger came and saw Jin living in a shabby house, it might…Continue Reading

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