Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 309 The operation during night

After entering the Shouro empire, Jin and the group’s journey was peaceful and uneventful.

They stopped at Boltoro city for a night after crossing Banmu.

And after crossing the city of Danga, they stopped at Denzana for a night, as well.

They crossed the Divide river by a ferry and were staying at the city of Panyu at the moment.


“Whoo, it sure is nice not being busy, huh?”


Reinhart said softly.

Jin, Reinhart, and Matheus were relaxing on a veranda bench at an inn. The Divide river was also in view.

The days were long in spring and so it was still quite bright outside.

And in front of them, Shouro empire’s specialty, airbell juice was presented.

It was in juice form so even Jin couldn’t tell what fruit it was but the taste was completely of strawberry.

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