Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 311 The Castle

As thanks from the owner of the inn for the deep well pump, they treated Jin and the others to a wonderful dinner.

The owner’s amazement was quite troublesome for Jin, as he came requesting Jin for pumps for kitchen use, wash use and even face-wash use.

Reinhart, who felt that things would go out of control at this rate sat down with Jin after dinner and discussed about transferring the control rights of the pump to the Magi Engineer Guild.

And they came up with two conditions.


Firstly, they would teach this technique to the Magi Engineer guild of this town.

And secondly, as soon as they do that, they will not monopolize this technique.


And that very night, the guild master of the Hatata city came to visit them.


“I am Kots Rodoit. Jin-dono, nice to meet you. Reinhart-sama, I have heard many rumours about you.”


“Nice to meet you. As we don’t have much time, let’s start right away.”


Saying that, this time, Jin built a pump using the bronze the guild provided.


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