Magi Craft Meister 476

14 Family Trip Arc

14-27 Old Tales





Saki asked Jin after overhearing his muttering.


“What did you just say, Jin?”


“I’m talking about the Lenard Kingdom. I was wondering why there would be a magic circle that teleports one to the moon…”


According to Jin, if the moon was a spaceship, it would make a lot of sense.


“I see.”


That still didn’t answer the question of why none of them had come back to this world, but at least it was convincing enough to explain why there was a magic circle to go to the moon.


“Well, it’s not as if I can verify any of it…”


“…What are you going on about?”


Vivian, who didn’t know the whole story, tilted her head to the side in confusion.


“Ah, we went to the Lenard Kingdom the other day…”


Stearleana explained what they were talking about.



“Oh, so that’s what happened. Thanks. I see now.”


Vivian spoke with a soft smile on her face. Then she looked at everyone.


“Is there anything else you’d like to hear about?


Jin immediately replied to that question.


“Do you know any kind of folklore about demons…?”


There was so much they didn’t know about demons, that Jin thought he might as well try to get as much information as possible by asking Vivian.


“Demons huh? Yeah… I have some scattered bits of that.”


Vivian thought for a moment, and then started talking again.


*   *   *


The demons appeared hundreds of years before the Magic War.


They came from the northern continent.


Mankind had been heading north long before that, but no one knows what became of them.


The demons possessed a powerful magical power that far surpassed that of mankind, and were also good at magical technology.


In the beginning, they weren’t hostile. The humans would offer food to the demons, and the demons in turn would offer their knowledge in magical technology.


After such a relationship was established, it seemed that the two races could coexist.



However, at one point in history, a decisive discrepancy took place between these two races.


What exactly happened hasn’t been passed down, but it was beyond any doubt something that was enough to create hostility between mankind and the demons.


After that happened, the two races became enemies, and the demons retreated to the northern continent.


*   *   *


“…That’s all I have.”


Vivian’s voice sounded apologetic once again.


“This story is probably more than a thousand years old. And until the Magic War 300 years ago, the demons didn’t seem to have any kind of relationship with mankind.”


“Thank you very much.”


Jin bowed in gratitude.


After all, it seemed that since the demons lived in the northern continent, they were unable to procure enough food to be self-sufficient.


On the other hand, their magical technology was advanced, and they surpassed humans in terms of magical power.


“Um… Excuse me… What have you been told about the Magic War?”


Elsa nervously asked Vivian.


That was something Jin wanted to hear about as well. He was particularly hoping to get whatever information Vivian would have about the Ether Stampede.


“The Magic War, huh…?”


Vivian started reciting for the third time.


*   *   *


A little over 300 years ago, the demons once again came south.


Their reasons were unknown.


This time, the demons were extremely belligerent. The human towns that were closest to the northern continent were devastated, and their inhabitants massacred.


Even human countries who were antagonistic to each other ended up joining forces under the Dinard Kingdom’s leadership against their menace.


But even then, the war was approaching its final stage, with mankind’s position being at a clear disadvantage.


The “Ether Stampede” that was eventually unleashed had succeeded in destroying most of the invading demons.


However, it also caused the death of about 60% of all human mages.


Thus, the Magic War came to an end with an unprecedented catastrophe.


*   *   *


“…I can only tell you this much.”


It wasn’t very different from what was already common knowledge.


“Do you know anything else about the Ether Stampede?”


It was the thing Jin was most concerned with.


“No, nothing else. In the first place, the work of a storyteller is meant for the common folk, so no details of the war were handed down. Pretty much most of the magicians who knew about it have already departed from this world.”


“I see… That’s unfortunate.”


After all, it seemed that there would be no other way but to look for any written records of that time. But so far, they hadn’t been able to find anything of the sort, even with the efforts of the Quinta.



“Thank you very much.”


Jin and the others once again bowed their heads in gratitude.


“Thanks, Vi. You must be tired. Why don’t you try drinking some of this?”


Stearleana offered her a thermos filled with chilly, Hourai-Island-specialty Pelshika juice.


“Thanks. …Oh, yummy!”


It was a thick, rich-flavored juice. It felt nice when going down the throat. And its abundant Ether gave vitality to those who drank it.


“Ah, I’m so refreshed.”


“Well, you should take good care of your throat, after all.”


Stearleana and Vivian smiled at each other.



“Well, then. Should we go study some cats?”


The time was 8 AM. It would be okay to walk around Coupu at this time.


Everyone decided it was time to go take care of the reason for their trip here, which was to learn more about a cat’s movements and behavior.


“Do we even have anything to bring with us as a present for Mr. Techres…?”


Smiling at Jin’s Japanesque concern, Vivian answered his question.


“Well, I did mention that he likes to hear stories from people he meets abroad. He’ll be happy to meet you all. So don’t worry about it.”


Also, she offered to show them there herself.


After locking the front door, they followed an alley that led to the main street.


A lot of people were walking on the main street, which was totally different from when they first came to Coupu. Several carts loaded with fish were also coming and going. The street was full of life.


They walked by the edge of the street so as to not get in the carts’ way. To Jin, it was somehow reminiscent of the streets of Japan.


After walking on the main street for about 10 minutes, the surroundings started to look more like a residential area.


And after another 10 minutes, they arrived at a mansion with a splendid front gate.


“This is the Techres residence.”


The estate had a surface of about 100 square meters, which is an exceptional size for something in such a remote area.


Moreover, the building stones used seemed hardly weathered, which evidenced their regular maintenance.


A gatekeeper was standing on the right side of the large gate.


“Good morning.”


Vivian greeted the gatekeeper.


“Good morning. Ah, but if it isn’t Miss Vivian. What brings you here today?”


“I’m showing some friends from abroad around town. Is Lord Eckert home?”


The gatekeeper and Vivian seemed to know each other and their conversation had a friendly tone to it.


“Yes, he is. So, from abroad, you said…”


The gatekeeper smiled as he looked at Jin’s party.


“Welcome. I’ll announce your arrival to Master Techres. Please wait a moment.”


With the ring of a bell, the gatekeeper called an errand boy. After the gatekeeper told him something, the boy ran towards the mansion.


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