Magi Craft Meister 493

15 Showdown With The Demons Arc

15-06 Knocking on a Stone Bridge



“Looks like nothing has happened.”


“Yes, My Lord. The Land Units deployed at the clinic also reported that the night transpired without any incidents.”


“Do you have the results of the analysis of the Magi Crystal I used ‘Transinfo’ on?”


“About that…”


Laojun was unusually hesitant to speak.


“What’s the matter?”


“I was unable to read it. It would be more precise to say that it was as if nothing had been written in it to begin with.”


According to Laojun’s explanation, information such as knowledge and memories should normally come out in his analysis, but in this case, all he got was completely meaningless data.



“There may be some kind of protection in place, or it could be that ‘Transinfo’ doesn’t actually work with demons.”


Jin thought about this. It was a pity that he couldn’t manage to get any information beforehand, but he still expected to come to understand many things after he had his conversation with them later that day.


“I’ll go see how things are going after breakfast.”


Jin was considering the possibility of relocating the children to Nidou Castle.


He turned to Butler A, who happened to arrive to check on the situation just in time.


“I don’t know if it’ll be today, but eventually I’d like to take them there.”


“Understood. To the dungeon?”


“N-No, I don’t know that yet. Judging from our encounter yesterday, they didn’t seem to be hostile. If that’s the case, then we’ll use a guest room.”


Jin thought that even if they ended up being demons as suspected, it would still not be okay to immediately conclude that they were his enemies.


It wasn’t reason, but intuition. Somehow, Jin had felt that from their short encounter in the clinic.


But still, he had to tread carefully. Jin checked his equipment.


“Barrier, Lightweight, Laser, Paralyzer…”


Jin made sure all the functions in his bracelet were in order. Everything seemed to be in top condition.


“Father, Elsa is here to see you.”


Jin’s house, which had been built next to Martha’s house, was a two-storied building. In response to Reiko’s announcement, Jin took a look outside of his window.


Elsa was standing there, wearing her usual outfit. That is, wearing a bright green short-sleeved dress and a white straw hat.


Jin went down the stairs and greeted Elsa.




“Morning, Brother Jin.”


“What is it? Did something happen?”


“No, actually, I heard something happened here in Kaina Village and decided to come to see what was going on.”


“I see.”


Jin invited Elsa to his workshop on the first floor and offered her a chair, and after he too had taken a seat, he briefly explained what happened the day before.


“…I think those two are demons, or at least they’re involved with demons to some extent. That’s why I’m taking some precautions.”


“I can see why you’re being so cautious. So, what are you going to do?”


Jin told her exactly what was on his mind. That is, he wanted to take them to Nidou Castle in order to indirectly keep a close watch on them.


“…Yeah, that may be a good idea.”


Elsa had already met with demons before, and had heard how terrifying they could be, so she didn’t disagree with Jin’s measures.


“…But I think it’s better to check if they really are demons.”


“Yeah. But I’d like to do that in Nidou Castle. After all, the clinic is right in the middle of the village. Just in case.”


Elsa nodded.


“Okay. In that case, let me go with you. I think Dr. Sally might let you take them with you if I’m around.”


“Ah, I see. But have you come prepared?”


“Yeah, I’ve brought everything.”


Seeing Jin’s concern, Elsa showed him a ring that could unleash a Barrier and a Lightweight spell.


“You should be careful too, okay, Edgar?”


“Yes, Master Jin.”


Thus Jin headed to the Milleshan Clinic, joined by Elsa.


Along the way, a golem cat ran past them. It seemed to be chasing a mouse that was trying to get inside the wheat storage. Already, the golem cats were making themselves useful.


“Ah, big brother and big sis Elsa!”


Hanna, who had gone outside to play, noticed Jin and Elsa and ran up to them while waving her hands.


After saying their good mornings, Jin noticed the white golem cat Haku wrapping around her feet.


As Jin expected, Hanna seemed to have taken a liking to the golem cat. At the same time, it had also come to act as a bodyguard of sorts to her.


“Where are you going?”


“Ah, we’re going to see the village chief. Sorry, Hanna, we have something important to talk about there, so we’ll play with you later.”


Jin said that to prevent Hanna from wanting to tag along, and she nodded obediently.


“Okay, sure! See you later! Come on, Haku!”


Hannah rushed home after calling out to Haku, who was crouching at her feet. Haku meowed and then ran after her.


After seeing them off, Jin and Elsa arrived at the Milleshan Clinic.


“Is someone here?”


At Jin’s call, Land 1 cancelled his “Invisible” spell and revealed itself.


“I am here, Master.”


“Oh, it’s you, Land 1. How are things around here?”


“Peaceful and uneventful. Those two haven’t caused any trouble.”


Relieved to hear that, Jin knocked on the clinic’s door. Nurse Gamma came out shortly after.


“Good morning, Master. There have been no changes.”


There were two potential meanings to the phrase “No changes”. Either the children’s condition hadn’t changed, or nothing had happened at all.


“Okay. Can we come in?”

“Yes, Master, please do.”




Elsa seemed to be a bit embarrassed after seeing a golem that looked just like her calling Jin “Master”.



“Ah, you’re here, Jin.”


“Yes, Doctor. How are those two? I’ve brought Elsa with me as well.”


“Good morning.”


“Ah, good morning, Elsa. I’m glad to see you here. Do you need a checkup?”


Now that Elsa had mastered healing magic and medical examination spells to their highest levels, she had earned a great deal of trust and cordiality from Sally.


First, they went to see Lucas and Shion. The two were a little surprised to see Elsa, who they had never seen before, but Sally calmed them down.


“It’s okay. She’s another healer like myself.”


“I’m Elsa. Nice to meet you.”


“I’m Shion.”


“I’m Lucas.”


After giving each other’s name, Elsa asked for permission to check up on them and used “Diagnose”.


After learning the result, Elsa’s face became stiff for a moment, but soon returned to normal.


“…Other than being a bit weakened, they’re both healthy.”


“I see. My medical examinations showed the same result. I’m glad to hear that.”


Sally seemed relieved.


“That’s why I was thinking about taking them to Nidou Castle. It might be a bad idea to keep them hospitalized here.”


Jin told Sally about his plan in a separate room. As expected, she wasn’t too happy to hear it.


“Hmm, it’s a bit too sudden… Though Elsa would be there with you, right? Still, I don’t think I can give you an answer to that without asking the kids themselves first.”


Jin imagined she would say something like that, which is why he had Reiko consult with Laojun. And so, a counter argument was quickly produced.


“Doctor, I think those two have come here for a reason. I recommend you ask them about that, indirectly of course.”


Reiko offered that suggestion.


“Hmm, I see.”


They headed back to the sickroom.


“You two seem to have recovered quite well. If not from the weakness that was probably caused by hunger, you’d be perfectly healthy by now.”


Lucas and Shion seemed relieved to hear that from Sally’s mouth.


“So, you guys must have come here for a reason, right? In that case, this is Jin, the lord of this village. He’s one of the most influential people around here. You can discuss your business here with him.”


That was Sally’s approach. Both Jin and Elsa could see how Lucas and Shion’s faces became slightly tense after hearing that.




Shion seemed to have something to say, but was hesitant.


“Is there something you’d like to discuss with me? If that’s okay with you, why don’t you come to my castle? We can talk there in private.”


Upon hearing those words, Shion became silent and stared at the floor as if thinking about something, but soon raised her head again, fixed her eyes on Jin, and nodded slowly.


“U-Um… Y-Yes, I’d appreciate t-that…”


“If you’re going, young lady, I’ll be there with you!”


Shion’s words were choppy, but Lucas’ were loud and clear.


“Okay. …Doctor, would that be okay?”


Sally nodded reluctantly, feeling that the two of them seemed to be involved in some deep circumstances.


“That’s fine by me. But I’ll accompany you until we reach the castle.”

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