Magi Craft Meister 544

16 The Demons’ Mastermind Arc

16-23 Releasing the Shinra Clan



The next morning…


After bidding farewell to the Gospel clan, Capricorn 1 set out to release the Shinra clan.


With Jin (‘s Substitute Doll), Reiko, Ann, Land 1, Istalis, Shion, Netros, Lucas, as well as the added Nurses 1 and 2, the Gospel clan’s Alectus, and the Kugutsu clan’s Belials, the vehicle was well over its capacity.


Just like it had during their outward journey, it would take them an entire day to reach the Shinra clan’s abode.


Belials was also deeply impressed by Capricorn 1, but there’s no need to go into details about that now.


That night they camped about two kilometers away from the Shinra clan’s abode.


Thus it became the dawn of the 21st of August.



*   *   *



“It appears that the Shinra clan has been released from the machine’s influence.”


This is the result of investigation by Lands 81 to 83, a part of the army sent there via transfer machine.


The Shinra clan’s abode was at peace because they hadn’t received any instructions from that “mysterious voice”, and several people expressed their true intentions.


Laojun privately shared those results to Reiko, Ann, and Jin (‘s Substitute Doll).



Because of that…


“I’ll go take a look at the situation.”


…Jin wasn’t worried at all when Netros said that.


“Are you sure? …Be careful, Netros.”


Jin felt a little sorry about looking at Istalis’ worried face, considering that he hadn’t still shared Laojun’s report with her.



And so, Netros’ reconnaissance was successful and faced no inconveniences.


After stopping someone who had been taking a walk outside of the Shinra clan’s abode, he confirmed that he had been controlled by the “Agujas”.


And this person also confirmed that they hadn’t heard that “mysterious voice” for the past three days.


Netros then repeated this procedure with three more people, and was thoroughly convinced that the Shinra clan had been successfully released.



“Oh, I’m so glad to hear that!”


Having heard Netros’ report after his safe return to Capricorn 1, Istalis and Shion both sighed with relief.


“T-Then, I should try heading there myself as well…”


Shion’s fearful behavior was made evident by her way of speaking.


Jin and his friends all knew it was safe, so they just nodded.


Istalis, on the other hand, still seemed worried.


“Be careful… Oh, I wonder if I should go with you…”


“You should stay here, sister. If anything happens to me, you’ll be the only one who will be able to do anything for our clan”




While it was a moving scene between sisters, it was also quite vexing for those who knew the truth about the current situation.


Jin wanted to say “Yeah, let’s all go together”, but he couldn’t afford to do such a thing.


“Okay, now’s a good chance for me to be of some use.”


Alectus volunteered himself.


Certainly, since he was not only a demon like them, but also a member of the Gospel clan, it was unlikely that they would suddenly attack him.


“In that case, I’ll go as well.”


Belials also stood up in the same way as Alectus.


So Jin would once again find himself leaving that in the hands of two other people.


After Alectus and Belials got off Capricorn 1, they slowly started to walk towards the Shinra clan’s abode.



Thirty minutes later…


Alectus came back trotting.


“Everything’s alright. We talked a bit about you all and the Shinra clan’s leader, Bardius, was so delighted he almost cried.






“Lord Jin, I’ve deliberately talked a lot about you. They’ll happily… no, they’ll humbly welcome you into their abode.”


Thus, Istalis and Shion were finally able to return to their clan.


“Nurse 1 and 2, this time both of you’ll come with us.”




In order to emphasize his status as the Magi Craft Meister, Jin would be joined by not only Reiko and Ann, but Nurses 1 and 2 as well.


Land 1 would stay behind to ensure Capricorn 1’s safety.



“Oh, Istalis!”




A middle-aged couple was there to welcome the sisters.






They then introduced their father Radeus and their mother Lorona.


“We’re so sorry… Though we were still trying to protect you, we couldn’t do anything but drive you out…”


“Oh, don’t worry.”


Jin looked at this face-to-face meeting between parents and children with a little envy. Then, someone called out to him.


“You’re Magi Craft Meister Jin, are you not?”


The one who spoke to Jin was a young demon who had come along with Belials.


“I’m Clydos. I’m Istalis and Shion’s brother.”



*   *   *



Jin and his friends were welcomed at the house of the Shinra clan’s chief.


“Mr. Jin, there are no words to express how grateful I am to you for having helped my daughters.”

Radeus, Istalis and Shion’s father, bowed deeply. Their mother Lorona bowed alongside him as well.


“…Now’s the time for all clans to acknowledge that Mr. Jin here is a Magi Craft Meister without equal.”


Those were the words of Bardius, who had just entered the room.


His “Agujas” had just been removed a mere moments ago by Nurse 1.


It would take more than half a day to remove all of the “Agujas” of the Shinra clana due to its large population, but having been made aware that this would forever free them from such a terrible curse still brightened up everyone’s faces.


“I would like to discuss what to do next.”


Bardius agreed with Jin’s proposed topic.


“I am no representative of humans, but if the demons continue to be in such discord as they are now, I won’t be able to help you in a way that lasts for too long.”


“I think you’re right. At the very least, I can guarantee that the Shinra clan bears no hostility towards you, Mr. Jin.”


Bardius once again bowed respectfully.


“What about the rest of the so-called ‘moderate clans’? I don’t think we can move forward unless at least these moderate clans are united.”


“I’m sure that those who aren’t being currently being controlled by those ‘needles’… those ‘Agujas’… can be brought together easily. Especially by you, being the Magi Craft Meister.”


It seemed that the title of Magi Craft Meister was held in a considerably high regard among the demons.


“I’d start with the clans of Shin’en, Kuon, and Yoiyomi…”


Bardius mentioned three of the moderate clans.

“If we can get them all to join us, that’d make 90% of all of the moderate clans to be under your command, Mr. Jin.”


“Ah, but I wasn’t trying to…”


Jin had no intention of ruling over the demons, and he certainly had no plans to stay in the land of the demons forever.


What he really wanted was to enjoy some peaceful days in Kaina Village, and to be able to continue to relax and make gadgets in Hourai Island.


“Well, I’m not asking you to become our leader. I hope you can become a ‘banner’ for us…”


Still, Jin was reluctant. He didn’t like the idea of being held aloft like some symbol to others very much either.


Above all, he had no intention of interfering with the internal affairs of other races (although they were biologically the same as humans).


“Can we leave this for later?”


Jin decided to postpone it for the time being. Rather than just running away from it, he wanted to think about it carefully.


“At any rate, first of all, we need to find out if these three clans are still being controlled by the ‘Agujas’, and if so, we’ll have to find a way to release them from their control.”


According to Laojun’s plan, Jin (‘s Substitute Doll) would be in charge of dealing with the moderate clans.


At the same time, a separate team would be in charge of developing a strategy to deal with Nega-Doll 001.

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