Magi Craft Meister 554

16 Resolution With The Demons Arc

17-03 Friendship



Saki’s idea of ​​classifying magical power by frequency brought a new flash of inspiration to Jin.


Jin needed to find a way to nullify magic, either with a spell or with a Magic Tool. And one way to do so was through…




It’s a phenomenon that occurs when two similar waves traveling in opposite directions cancel each other out when they collide with each other, but the theory itself is quite profound and well beyond the understanding of the night high school graduate Jin.


However, being a practical person, Jin thought that the theory would eventually follow along later.


Now was the time to try whatever was possible to try.




As a frown suddenly appeared on Jin’s face, Saki called out to him with a worried look on her own face. At that moment…


“Yeah, it looks like it’s worth a try! Thank you, Saki. Thank you!”


After coming to his senses, Jin was seemingly very happy, as he took Saki’s hand  with both his own and grasped it tightly.


“S-Sure, I don’t think I completely follow yet, but I’m happy to help…”


Saki was taken aback. Her cheeks were definitely redder than a few moments ago.


“Okay, let’s try it out right now!”


“That won’t do.”


A frigid voice came from behind Jin.




“…Reiko asked me to look after you. You’ll have to go to bed soon, Brother Jin.”


Time had flown, and it was currently 11 PM


Reiko had asked Elsa to keep an eye on Jin so that he wouldn’t get carried away and forget to sleep while she was away.


“…Ah, okay.”


A bitter smile appeared on Saki’s face upon seeing Jin’s disappointment.


“Ehehe, looks like she’s got you tied to her apron strings.”




“Ahaha, it’s nothing. Night-night.”


With a laugh, Saki promptly left the workshop.


“Come on now, Brother Jin.”


Elsa took the seemingly dejected Jin by the hand. He felt that her grip was quite strong, but didn’t mention it to her.



On the other hand, Laojun didn’t need to rest.


In other words, Laojun steadily continued with the development of their concrete countermeasure, the “simple transfer machine”.



*   *   *



Then came the next day, September 5th. As arranged, the chief and aides of the nearby neutral clans had gathered.


A previous examination confirmed that none of them were under the influence of the “Agujas”.


By noon, everyone had already arrived.


First, they all introduced themselves during lunch in a conference-room-like area.


“I’m Starcus of Kyozetsu.”


“Anemosdeus of Kokou.”


“Okealus of Kairi.”


“Coridorialus of Kyojin.”


“I’m Jin, the Magi Craft Meister. These are my Automata, Reiko and Ann.”


After a brief round of introductions, they had lunch. The main dish was made with “rye” porridge (this world’s rye was more like Earth’s buckwheat), but served in a specific way.


Essentially, it was crepes.


It is said that crepes were first conceived by baking buckwheat porridge, so Jin had instructed Ann to make them using this world’s rye.


The crepes had smoked meat and various seasonings, with dried strawberries and sugar syrup on top, and were served in bite-sized pieces.


“Hmm? …This is delicious!”


“Well! This is so tasty.”


“They’re easy to make, and you can put so many different flavors into them.”


“Is this your doing, Mr. Jin?”


It seemed to have been well received by Jin’s guests. There was bread on the table as well, but it would appear that they had never used “rye” flour to make something like bread.


Meals provide a soothing sensation.


The plan of Domenicos, chief of the Shinshoku clan, to hold a meeting after lunch, was a reasonable success.


“I like to think that eating is not only to keep us alive, but also for nourishing the mind.”


“I see, I see.”


“That’s very profound.”


As Jin uttered the words he had heard somewhere before, all of the visiting clan chiefs looked at him with an impressed look on their faces.


“Well then, everyone.”


After lunch was over and the table was clean of plates, Domenicos, who was also acting as mediator for this meeting, spoke in a dignified manner.


“Let’s begin with the reason why we’ve all gathered here today. I’d like you to hear what Magi Craft Meister Jin has to say.”


Everyone else listened silently.


“I’m Jin. I’m not going to be so rash as to say that I’m speaking as a representative of all of humankind. All I want is for you all to hear me out and make a rational decision.”


He stopped there and looked around to see all of the chiefs’ faces. Everyone was listening with intent, eager to hear what Jin was trying to say.


“First of all, I’d like to discuss your food situation. With my technology, this can be solved to some extent.”


Saying “to some extent” was a rather humble approach, since in reality, the situation would be almost completely resolved, although it would take a few more months for that resolution to be fully realized.


“Once your food situation is resolved, you should have little reason to remain hostile to humans. Besides, that hostility is mostly due to the influence of a certain mastermind.”


This caused a bit of a commotion. All 4 clan chiefs agreed that no “Agujas” had been implanted on their clans to begin with.


“Some clans, particularly the moderate ones, had been implanted with special control devices called ‘Agujas’.”


“It’s true. I can attest to that.”


Belials of Kugutsu declared so.


“I believe you. We received messengers from both the Gospel and Shinra clans bearing letters that spoke of this as well.”


Coridorialus of Kyojin gave that answer. He was an unusually well-built man about 1,90 meters tall. His appearance was similar to that of a male human in his early forties, so he was probably the youngest among the chiefs gathered in this meeting.


“We bear responsibility for all members of each of our individual clans. For that reason, we cannot carelessly say whether we as clans are hostile or not.”


Coridorialus stood up and looked straight at Jin.


“I’d like you to show us a rational means for us to decide, Magi Craft Meister Jin.”


No one disputed his opinion, as it seemed to be shared among all four chiefs.


And Laojun, who was currently controlling Jin’s double, had also been expecting to be asked to do such a thing at some point.


“Very well.”


Jin’s double looked at Reiko. As a matter of fact, he was talking to her telepathically using their built-in Mana Comms.


“Yes, Father.”


Even though it was a Substitute Doll operated by Laojun, Reiko reacted with an attitude that corresponded to that which she would have with the real Jin. She then walked slowly towards the door of the conference room and opened it.


“Come in, Lands.”


In response to her call, a total of 19 Army Golems, which were Lands 2 through 20, entered the conference room slowly and quietly.






“Mr. Jin!”


Even Belials of Kugutsu and Domenicos, the chief of the Shinshoku clan who also was the one who convened this meeting, appeared to be very surprised by this. Afraid, even.


The Land series were 1,80 meters tall, weighed 200 kg, and had a body shape similar to that of a human. However, the power they could produce was nearly half of what Reiko could currently produce.


Having only half of Reiko’s power at their disposal might make them look meager, but Reiko’s own power equals nearly thousands of G. And there were 19 of them.


“Ohh, impressive. When did you…?”


“I had them brought here last night.”


Everyone was surprised again after hearing Jin say that so nonchalantly.


“…Back when I was still little, there was a conflict that humans called the ‘Great Magic War’. At that time, I still wasn’t allowed to go out yet, but I’ve heard time and time again how the adults of the time struggled so much to stand up to the golems made by humans.”


Domenicos, chief of the Shinshoku clan, shared his story. He was 355 years old, and around 50 years old at the time of the war. When put into human years, he was akin to a 10-year old boy at the time.


Though he could’ve been seen as a living witness of the Great Magic War’, he said he actually hadn’t been allowed to leave the house because it was too dangerous, so he only knew what happened at home at that time.


And at any rate, had he actually been out there in the battlefield, he would’ve been exterminated along with the rest as soon as the Ether Stampede happened.



But that’s enough digression…


While the clan chiefs were overwhelmed as they witnessed with their very own eyes the 19 Land units, Laojun, who was controlling Jin’s double at the moment, spoke with a very assertive tone of voice.


“I hate conflict. That’s why, as the Magi Craft Meister…”


He looked at everyone and then continued.


“It is my desire to settle matters with as most peace and quiet as possible. …However! If something rises to threaten that peace in the slightest, all I can do is eliminate it.”


At the same time as he finished saying that, the 19 Land units took their Vibration Swords in both hands and saluted by extending their arms in front of their chests while still holding their swords. It was similar to presenting arms but with a sword instead of a firearm.


“Incidentally, I can continue to create more Golems like these as long as there are enough materials.”




Whether such a demonstration was successful or not, discussions with the chiefs continued without delay, eventually resulting in a total of 200 demons from 5 neutral clans to establish a bond of friendship with Jin.

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