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16 Resolution With The Demons Arc

17-19 Predicament



“You fool, it’s like you’re asking me to attack you. Take this!”


Marchosias ordered his four Golems to attack the black silver gray gargoyle from all sides.


However, the next moment, his face turned to astonishment.




The super-heavy hammer brought down by Bergris No. 1, the long spear thrusted by No. 2, the huge sword swung by No. 3, and the gigantic ax swung by No. 4…


All of them shattered.


The gargoyle hadn’t done anything special.


It had simply stayed still. And yet, all four weapons of the Marchosias’ “Bergris” Golems were completely crushed upon impact.


“I don’t believe this…”


The sentiment behind Marchosias’ words were shared among all of the demons in the party. None of them could believe that such a difference in level was even possible.


“Heh heh heh, do you understand your position now? No matter what you do, this ‘Gorg’ cannot be defeated.”


Looking at the Gorg’s feet, they noticed that its ankles were digging themselves into the ground.



*   *   *



“Brother Jin, look.”


Elsa seemed to have noticed that fact as well.


“Yeah. It seems to be quite heavy. If it’s a ‘Forming’ type as I suspect, it could be made of Adamantite all the way to its core.”




Forcing something completely made of Adamantite to move by magic was something that Jin had never thought about doing. After all, it wasn’t stylish nor skillful.


“Reiko might be at a disadvantage fighting that thing in hand-to-hand combat.”


That gargoyle had to weigh anywhere between 5 and 6 tons. Moreover, its ‘Forming’ structure would also give it the ability to partially regenerate any damage it could sustain.


In that case, just causing it to cease functioning wouldn’t be enough to put an end to it. Its Control Core and the Magi Devices it contained would have to be completely destroyed.


“Well, yes, hitting something made entirely out of Adamantite is a pretty inefficient way to deal with it.”


“Then, how does one defeat something like that gargoyle?”


“Hmm? Oh, there are many ways to do it. Don’t be fooled by its apparent invincibility just yet.”


After hearing that, Elsa calmed down a bit and started thinking about it. Once she was convinced, she loosened up and nodded.


“…I see.”


“Right? Well, I guess it’s time we lend them a hand, don’t you think?”


The scene being projected at that moment by the Magic Screen was that of the “Belgris” being literally smashed to pieces.



*   *   *



Gorg then made its move. It was incredibly fast despite its feet sinking into the ground.


It delivered a heavy blow on Belgris No. 4, which had lost its balance after its ax had shattered.


With just that one blow, No. 4’s chest was crushed, and it immediately stopped moving. The blow must have destroyed a vital Magi Device inside.


Marchosias was taken aback by that turn of events. Taking that opportunity, Gorg attacked No. 2.


Gorg grabbed No. 2 by the halfway broken spear’s handle it was still holding and then swung away. Despite the difference in body size, No. 2 was not only lifted off the ground as if it was a paper doll, but was also shaken away from its spear.


After being sent flying away for about 10 meters and finally falling and rolling onto the ground, Gorg threw the stolen spear back at its original owner.


As it was broken, it couldn’t fly straight, and instead did several rotations in the air before hitting No. 2’s right shoulder. The impact caused its right arm to come off cleanly from the joint.


Meanwhile, Belgris No. 1 and No 3 wouldn’t just stay still and watch..


Both of them threw their broken weapons away and attacked Gorg with their bare fists.


A crack and a thud.


Both sounds were somewhat muffled.


Of course, these weren’t the sounds of Gorg being damaged.




They were the sounds of No. 1’s left hand and No. 3’s right hand being smashed to pieces.


The Belgris were made of steel. This had been the natural result of steel colliding with great force with pure Adamantite.


With a low sweeping kick, Gorg caused No. 1 to topple over as easily as if it had been a mere training doll.


Then, Gorg used its spare leg to kick No. 3, sending it flying backwards for almost 2 meters and putting a considerable dent on its right thigh.


And without looking back to check its position, Gorg jumped back, landing on No. 1’s back, which had been lying face down on the ground.


No. 1’s back made a squeaking noise as it caved in. Gorg then started to stomp on its back over and over again.


As a result, the dent in No. 1’s back became bigger and bigger, until the sixth stomp finally made a hole through it.


The seventh stop crushed the Magi Device within, putting No. 1 out for good.


“Daaaaamn iiiiiittttt!!”


Marchosias’ frustration came out as a wild shout. But the other demons weren’t going to just stand there and watch this happen any longer.




Countless fireballs were unleashed on Gorg, who was still on No. 1’s back.


However, the 1,000 degrees Celsius flames wouldn’t have any effect on Adamantite, which had a melting point of over 3,400 degrees Celsius.


“Damn! Then… ‘Gravita’!”






Three of the demons cast Gravity Magic. It was a secret technique that amplified their individual effect, which was to put its target under 10 times the usual force of gravity, turning it into a combined spell that was able to put it under a gravitational force 1,000 stronger than usual instead.


This technique could be said to be the Kaigyaku clan’s “ace up the sleeve”.


However, Gorg was unfazed. This was only natural. Since it could reduce its own weight to a thousandth of its original value, applying a gravitational force of 1,000 g would simply return its weight to normal.


Then, Gorg used a spell of its own for the first time in this battle.




Another Gravity Magic spell. Again, this made sense considering its ability to alter its own weight.






Being suddenly put under a pressure of 10 g, most of the demons collapsed to the ground.


The only ones still standing were Chief Bafrosk and two others. The only ones who haven’t collapsed are Clan Chief Bafrosk and two more. They had been the 3 users of Gravity Magic on the demons’ side. Despite being proficient in Gravity Magic, their proficiency was scattered among a select few of the remaining survivors of the clan.




Gorg had used its spell again, further increasing the intensity of gravity to 20 g.


Normally, an individual would only be able to increase gravity up to 10 g. The only exception to this had been Lardus, who had managed to stack his own spell over itself multiple times to create a gravitational force of several thousands stronger than normal with the help of the Elradlite.




The remaining demons finally collapsed as well after being pushed down by the stronger gravitational force.


Now that everyone was on the floor, Gorg began to walk slowly.


In the meantime, the remaining Belgris No. 3 had finally managed to get back on its feet.




The Gravity Magic caused No. 3 to fall onto the ground once more. Its right leg had been bent in an unnatural way, so it was difficult for it to remain balanced.


With nothing else standing in its way, Gorg resumed its slow march.


It was headed for the fallen demons.


Being of flesh and bone, the demons would be no match for Gorg’s heavy stomps.


There was no doubt that their lives would be reaped easier than crushing overripe fruit.




Bafrosk felt completely powerless as it lay on the ground. Gorg had finally approached Marchosias, who was lying right next to him, and raised its heavy foot while aiming at Marchosias’ head before bringing it down.




Naturally, Bafrosk closed his eyes as well. Then he heard a dull sound. But it wasn’t the sound of flesh and bone being crushed, but instead the sound of staggering and stepping firmly on the ground.




Finally, Bafrosk mustered his resolve and opened his eyes.


What he saw was a Golem carrying Marchosias into its arms.


And Gorg had fallen to the ground.


There were many other Golems carrying the other demons as well. Shortly after, the bewildered Bafrosk found himself being lifted and carried by another Golem as well.


He then recognized them as the same Golems made by Jin that had defeated the 50 gargoyles a few days before.


Then his attention shifted to the one who had managed to throw Gorg to the ground. It wasn’t a Golem, but the Automata Reiko.


Bafrosk was confused. Why were they there? But the answer was clear. After all, Jin had been the one who told them that No. 13’s base was in this location.


And though Bafrosk thought he could outmaneuver Jin and get his revenge on No. 13, they unfortunately found themselves defeated by his powerful gargoyle.


But Bafrosk could not comprehend why Jin would step in and save them from their demise.


“Y-You… What are you…”


Bafrosk wasn’t trying to get an answer out of it. His mouth had let the words that had been dwelling on his mind of their own accord.


But he was soon amazed to find his involuntary question being answered by the Golem that was carrying him.


“Our Master has commanded us to ensure that no one else dies. Not anymore.”

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