ºMagi Craft Meister 584

18 Further Progress Arc

18-04 Perfect Jin



‘Völlig Geneseng’.




On October 7, Jin had the “Völlig Geneseng” spell cast on him for the 20th time.


Today, which had been marked as the final day of his treatment, Jin felt no pain at all.


“How are you feeling, Brother Jin?”






Worried about Jin not responding, Elsa and Reiko called out to him.


“…Eh? Ah, I’m sorry. How can I describe this… it’s rather strange.”




“…If yesterday’s treatment was like climbing a flight of stairs one step at a time, today it felt like going up an entire floor in a single leap.”


Jin jumped up on the spot to show what he meant..




Jin had jumped up to a height of about 1 meter.


“My body feels so light…”


Next, Jin lifted up a nearby low table. Despite it weighing nearly 30 kilograms, he effortlessly lifted it from the ground with only one hand.


“…Until now, even though I was trying to put in the effort into my muscles, it would feel as if my energy was escaping my body. But I don’t feel like that anymore.”


Most likely, up until this point, Jin had been unconsciously subjecting himself to a “Physical Enhancement” in addition to putting in his own normal strength.”


“I can move normally now.”


Jin jumped up again. This time he reached a height of nearly 40 centimeters.


“Oh, so this is how the ‘Physical Enhancement’ feels, huh?”


There was also an Engineering Magic spell with the same effect as the demons’ “Physical Enhancement”. Magi Craftsmen would use it to gain the physical strength needed to carry heavy components and materials.


Up until now, Jin had ended up giving up on any further attempts at buffing himself with “Physical Enhancement”, since his physical strength and stamina wouldn’t change at all, no matter how hard he tried.


“But now…!”


Thrilled and excited about his newfound abilities, Jin picked Elsa up and placed her on his right shoulder. Then he did the same to Reiko, placing her on his left shoulder.


“…B-Brother Jin!?”




Elsa was taken aback by how suddenly it had happened. Reiko was also a bit confused by it.


“Elsa, Reiko, thank you, both of you. I now feel like I finally have my own body.”


Ever since he was summoned to this world and his body was reconstructed, Jin had been plagued by a feeling of stagnation in his body. And now that this feeling was finally gone, the only feeling rushing through his body was that of sheer ecstasy.


Jin was so happy that he started skipping around the room with the two girls still on his shoulders.



*   *   *



“…Have you settled down?”


“…Yeah. Sorry you had to see that.”

Jin had been in high spirits for about 30 minutes, and hadn’t been for Toa and Stearleana –who happened to come by– staring at him in shock, he might have kept on that state for who knows how much longer.


“Elsa, Reiko… Once again, thank you.”


Jin deeply bowed his head.


“Please stop, father. I didn’t do anything special.”


“Same here. Besides, I still owe you so much, Brother Jin…”


“No, I don’t think that my cells would have been activated to this extent. Besides, I had you stay with me for 20 days.”


“I was just carrying out my duty.”


“And I was just casting Healing Magic…”


“That should do it, won’t it? I got to see something strange here, so just put a lid on it already, okay?”


Stearleana stepped in to stop the conversation, which looked like it would have gone on forever otherwise.


“Something strange?”


“What do you mean?”


Jin and Elsa each answered with a question of their own. Stearleana met their questions with a smile.


“To see Jin frolicking around with Elsa… And look at you, Elsa, your cheeks are so red!”






“Uhuhu, could this be another result of Jin’s cells finally being activated? I wonder…”


Toa tapped Stearleana’s shoulder as she put her hand over her mouth to cover her chuckling.


“Leana, you have something else to tell them, don’t you?”


Leana seemed to be Toa’s nickname for Stearleana.


“Eh, yeah… Hehe…”


Now it was Stearleana’s turn to blush.




“Come on, Leana.”


“…No. You tell them.”


“Oh boy. …Well, listen Jin, the thing is… Stearleana and I are getting married.”


“Oh, congrats!”




Everyone knew that Stearleana and Toa were getting along quite well, and there was a feeling in the air that they would eventually end up tying the knot.


“…Where’s Saki?”


Jin thought that Saki should have been here as well for such an important announcement.


“She already knows. …When we told her, she said ‘Congrats, father,’ and then suddenly ran off somewhere…”


“Well, I’m sure she’s alright. After all, Ehr was with her…”


Laojun also added that the Magi Radar would be able to tell the whereabouts of every member of the “Family”, including Saki.


“I suppose it wouldn’t be strange if she was feeling a certain degree of resistance to her father remarrying after all…”


Toa’s muttered words came out of his mouth with a hint of sadness.


“…So, any plans regarding your wedding ceremony and reception?”


“Well, I think I’m already too old for that kind of stuff…”


“Though you also told me ‘oh, since we’ve come this far, why not?,’ haven’t you?”


Jin pondered about this. As a member of the “Family”…


“Let’s do it here on Hourai Island, even if it’s just for us friends and close relatives.”


“I agree. Uncle Toa, doesn’t that sound like a plan?”


After hearing Jin and Elsa’s advice, Toa and Stearleana nodded embarrassedly.


“…Okay, then we’ll take you up on your offer.”


“Is it really okay, Jin?”


Jin nodded sharply.


“Of course! So, when are we going to hold the ceremony? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?”


After saying that, Jin remembered that he was planning to go to the Shouro Empire with Barrow and Belle on the day after tomorrow.


“Ah, we’re not in such a hurry.”


Just when he thought he had been careless, Jin felt a little relieved to hear Toa’s words.


“There seem to be no relatives on Stearleana’s side, but I’ll have to speak to my father-in-law… Marquis Gehren.”


Marquis Gehren Theoderic von Eisen. He was a nobleman of the Shouro Empire, as well as Saki’s grandfather.


“Ah, that’s true. Actually, I was planning to go to the Shouro Empire after tomorrow.”


“Oh, is that so?  Then, could you…”


Halfway through his sentence, Toa realized that it wasn’t even necessary.


Jin would be going to Reinhardt’s “Ranken Haus”, while Toa and Stearleana would be going to Toa’s house.


Both houses had a Warp Gate installed on them. Toa’s guess was actually wrong.


“Well, we may meet over there, but we’ll be counting on you when the time comes.”


“Yes, of course”


With that out of the way, everyone headed to the laboratory.



“Now then, we have to prepare a celebration for Count Kuzuma and Beana as well.”


In the laboratory, Jin and Elsa were thinking about what to give them as a present for their wedding.


“Speaking of which, what do you think Reinhardt will give them?”


“I’ll go ask him.”


Thanks to the Mana Comm, they would be able to ask Reinhardt directly in a matter of seconds.


Therefore, Elsa headed to the Command Room in the basement of the laboratory, where the Mana Comm was located.



The sky was still painted in the color of lead, and the scenery reflected in Jin’s eyes was dimmed out by the rain.


“I wonder if the weather is clear in the Shouro Empire right now…”


Jin’s muttered words were drowned out by the sound of the pouring rain.

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