Magi Craft Meister 624

18 King Klein’s Treatment Arc

19-11 To The Klein Kingdom



“The reason why we asked you all to come here today is that we have a favor to ask of Miss Elsa.”


The chancellor then began to speak. Jin couldn’t see any traces of sorrow in his face, so he figured that it wasn’t something extremely urgent.


“Alois III of the Klein Kingdom has been in poor health since the beginning of summer.”


Jin had heard about that a while ago. Specifically, at the end of July, back when he sent one of his hot air balloons to the Klein Kingdom.


It is a little worrisome that the king’s condition had not improved since then.


“I got this through the Mana Phone, so I don’t know the details of his symptoms, but it seems that he’s so sick that he can’t even get up from his bed.”


“…Do you know anything about his complexion?”


After thinking for a moment, Elsa asked that question.


“Hmm. The whites of his eyes seem to be yellowing a little, but I don’t know the details.”


“Is that so……”


It was possible that it was cirrhosis of the liver, just like Saki’s grandfather, Marquis Theoderic had, but there was still too little information for her to be certain.


“That’s why the Klein Kingdom has asked for both us and the Egelia Kingdom to send a good healer over there.”


The healers in the Klein Kingdom had been unable to cure the king’s illness.


“And as representatives of the Shouro Empire, both I and Her Majesty agree that you, Elsa, who have successfully cured Marquis Theoderic in the past, would be the most suitable for this job. What do you say? Would you like to go to the Klein Kingdom as a healer from the Shouro Empire?




Elsa started to think about it. She had previously met the third princess Lieschen back when she visited the capital with Jin and Hanna. For this reason, she has a personal desire to cure her father, Alois III.


However, the desire to heal and whether or not she could actually heal him were two different things. If she was dispatched as a healer in representation of the Shouro Empire, and she happened to fail to cure the king, Elsa’s failure would be a failure of the Shouro Empire as a whole.


That was the reason for her hesitation.


“Are you worried about having to take responsibility in the event that you can’t cure him? If that’s so, let me tell you that you don’t have to worry about such a thing.”


The empress spoke to Elsa. She looked like she was playing with Hanna, but she was very good at doing various things at the same time.


“You would be going there to help the Klein Kingdom precisely because their own healers can’t cure their king. If it turns out that you can’t cure him either, no one will blame you.”


The empress turned to Elsa and smiled as she finished saying that.


“I’m not saying that you have to go, either. This isn’t an order. If you’re not comfortable with it, you can refuse to go, okay?”




Elsa slowly turned her head, first looking at Jin’s face, then Hanna’s, then Reiko’s, and finally Jin’s face again. And the words simply rolled out from her mouth.


“…I’ll go.”




“Please let me go to the Klein Kingdom. I will do what I can.”


“Understood. Then I shall give you the title of Reichsarzt, that is, of “Imperial Doctor”.



The plan was for Elsa to arrive in the Klein Kingdom by the day after the next, and, if possible, the empress wanted her to leave the next day instead. Jin offered to send her by blimp.


“That will help a lot. It’ll be twice as fast as a hot air balloon. You won’t have to worry about safety on the way, and Jin seems to have a lot of influence in the Klein Kingdom as well.”


And to finish, the empress took Jin and Elsa’s hands.


“Jin, please take care of Elsa. Elsa, do your best to support Jin, okay?”


Then sent them off with those encouraging words.



*   *   *



“Are you sure about this, Elsa?”


After leaving the empress’s office, Jin asked Elsa.


“Yeah, I’ll give it a try. I’ve always been protected by everyone else, including you, Brother Jin. And Alois III is Princess Lieschen’s father. If there’s a chance I can cure him, then I’ll definitely give it a shot.”


“…I see. I understand. I’ll help you out as much as I can.”




“Big Brother, is the princess’ father sick?”


Hanna, who had been listening to the adults’ conversation, turned to Jin with a worried look on her face.


“Yeah. That’s right. That’s why Elsa decided to go take a look at him.”


“Is that so? Big Sis, make sure to heal him, okay?”


Elsa smiled softly and stroked Hanna’s head.


“Yeah. I’ll try my best.”



*   *   *



After that, they all went back to the mansion to make their preparations.


“Oh, so that’s what happened?”


Reinhardt, who had returned to the mansion a bit earlier than Jin and the others, had a serious look on his face.


“Alois III’s illness seems to be serious.”


“Yeah. But I wonder if Laojun has anything to report about this?”


Laojun must have dispatched one of the Quintas to Klein Castle.


Jin instructed Reiko to contact the Laojun. He hadn’t installed a Mana Comm here yet.




Reiko fell silent for a while while she communicated directly with Laojun.


“…Father, I have learned a little more about Alois III’s condition.”


According to Reiko’s report, the king showed symptoms of jaundice, and although he was losing weight, his stomach was abnormally swollen.


“…I’m almost certain that there’s something wrong with his liver.”


Said Elsa with a gloomy expression on her face.


“But I can’t say anything else yet.. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions…”


She then added that she would like to see the rest with her own eyes.



They then moved on to start making their preparations. Jin thought that they should travel by blimp only shortly after departing and shortly before arriving.


“That’s right, let’s depart on the blimp, then have ‘Condor 3’ meet us in the sky, and go straight to Hourai Island. After making preparations over there, we can use a transfer machine to go to an area close to the Klein Kingdom. That way, not only we won’t need to worry about unnecessary things on the way, it’s also the safest way to go there.”


Going by Jin’s blimp meant that such measures could be taken behind the scenes.


They also resolved to prepare medicines and healing Magic Tools on Hourai Island, as well as taking a Nurse Golem along.


“Next… What should I do with Barrow and Belle? Should they stay here or go back to Kaina Village…?”


“Would you like me to take them to my place to look after them, Jin?”


Jin gratefully accepted Reinhardt’s offer.


“That sounds great. I hope they can learn a thing or two while they’re at your place as well.”


Thus Jin decided to take this opportunity to have Barrow and Belle stay at Reinhardt’s mansion for a while.


This was because he thought that it would be good for both of them to keep in mind what kind of work human butlers and maids do, since most of Barrow and Belle’s coworkers (other than Mine, that is) were Golem Butlers and Golem Maids.



“Understood. I’m going to work really hard!”


Both Barrow and Belle seemed to be looking forward to working at “Rankenhaus”, that is, Reinhardt’s mansion.



“Now, what about Hanna?”


Jin then asked Hanna whether she would like to come with him or return to Kaina Village.


“Hmm, I want to see the princess. I also wanna tell her father to get well soon.”


“I see. Okay. Let’s go together then.”


And so it was decided that Jin, Elsa, Hanna, Reiko, and Edgar would be going to the Klein Kingdom.


Since the blimp could take some cargo with it, Jin thought about taking along a free sample of the desiccant he and Reinhardt had developed. There was enough space for about 60 kg of it.


He also thought about using Gravity Magic to make it lighter if need be.


“Alright, that’s about it. Let’s talk to the chancellor tomorrow, and then we’ll depart.”


That was what had been decided.



Reinhardt and Berthie would be returning to Kartze Village the next day, so Barrow and Belle would be going with them at that time.


Butler D and the Golem Maids would remain in the mansion, so it was okay for them to leave for a while.



That night, a small party was held at Jin’s mansion in celebration of Reinhardt’s promotion to baron, as well as a send-off party for Elsa. Jin himself was doing things at his own pace.


“Once again, Reinhardt, congratulations.”


“Thank you. This is also thanks to you, Jin, and the rest of the Family as well.”


Reinhardt then raised his jug of ale while looking at Elsa.


“Elsa, be strong. Jin, take good care of Elsa. Support her resolve.”


“Oh, of course.”


“And please accept her ‘Vow of Bare Hands’.”




“Brother Rei!”


Elsa blushed and glared at Reinhardt.


“Huh? What? You didn’t talk to him…?”

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