Magi Craft Meister 627

18 King Klein’s Treatment Arc

19-14 Progress



After getting out of the hot spring, Jin lay down on the tatami mats in the living room to cool off.


“When I close my eyes like this, I can hear the singing of insects… It’s such a nice ambience…”


Many autumn insects lived around the mansion, playing a symphony that was typical to autumn nights.


But suddenly, the sound of footsteps invaded his ears.


“Are those footsteps Elsa’s…?”


Elsa was the only one who could be making those footsteps. However, they sounded a bit too rushed for her usual pace.


“Brother Jin!”


Also, her voice felt louder than usual.


“What’s wrong, Elsa?”


When Jin opened his eyes, Elsa was standing there, and she looked as if she had just stormed into the living room. She was wearing nothing but her underwear.


“E-Elsa, what happened!?”


“Brother Jin, isn’t the driving force of ‘Recoil Elimination Magic’ the same as the power normally used in Engineering Magic?”


“…Eh? What?”


Jin was so upset by Elsa’s unexpected appearance that he couldn’t understand even half of what she said.


“…How frustrating. Maybe it’ll be easier to understand if I say it like this? …Isn’t the power used in Engineering Magic of the same nature as ‘Recoil Elimination Magic’?”


“Uh… ah, uh-huh.”


“…Do you understand it now?”


Hanna was there as well. And she asked a question at this moment.


“Big Sis Elsa, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”


“I mean… huh? Clothes…?”


Hanna made Elsa aware that she was standing in front of Jin in her underwear.


“Eh? Ah? U-Uwaaaahhh!”


She turned red and immediately stormed out of the living room. In the far end of his confused head, Jin wondered if the thump he heard in the distance was the sound of Elsa tripping and falling on the floor.


“Umm… The power used in Engineering Magic is of the same nature as ‘Recoil Elimination Magic’?”


Jin finally started to think straight, and seemed to understand the implications of Elsa’s words.


“Laojun, let’s call the rest of the Family for an emergency meeting.”



*   *   *



“…So, Elsa gave me a hint to solve that problem.”


Back on Hourai Island, the second “Recoil Elimination Magic Review Meeting” was held with Jin, Elsa, Reinhardt, Saki, Toa, and Stearleana.


“Elsa, please explain.”


Jin urged Elsa, whose face was still slightly red. She began to speak quietly.


“…First, I want you to think about the Engineering Magic spell, ‘Forming’ …Brother Rei, why do you think the shape of an object changes when you use ‘Forming’ on them?”


Reinhardt thought about it for a moment, then gave his answer.


“Why? Well, because I’d be using magic to change the object’s shape. That’s how the magic works, I guess…”


Just as I was about to finish his sentence, Reinhardt seemed to notice something.


“I-I see, the power that transforms matter is…!”


“That’s right. I realized that the power to create wind, the power to set things ablaze, and the power to transform matter is all the same power.”


“Hmm, interesting.”


Toa muttered while folding his arms. The next person to speak was Stearleana.


“I feel like I understand. Even the power that makes a Crystal Golem is basically ‘Forming’.”


In short, the spell “Forming” was powerful enough to power a Golem. The group was convinced of this theory.


“With this in consideration, I think it’s strange to say that only this ‘Recoil Elimination Magic’ has some kind of special power.”


Elsa then wrapped up her explanation.


At that moment, Saki grinned and continued where she left off.


“I see. But then, do you have any idea why Jin failed the last time, Elsa?”


Jin had conducted an experiment where he attempted to activate only the “Recoil Elimination Magic” leaving its Wind Magic behind, but it failed to activate.


But Elsa shook her head.


“No. I don’t have an answer to that. But I thought of another possibility.”


“Another possibility?”


“Yes. …The best example is the Earth Magic spell ‘Stone Bullet’, which is an offensive spell that shoots stones to hit an opponent. But what is the driving force that causes them to be shot like that in the first place?”


“Ah, I see……”


Everyone understood what Elsa was trying to say and nodded in agreement.



“This is a hypothesis I made before, but I believe all mages are able to generate a small amount of magical power on their own. Let’s call this ability ‘force of will’, or ‘mental waves’, if you will. Using this, the surrounding Ether is converted into Mana, and the Mana is then converted into energy to activate spells. In the case of ‘Stone Bullet’’, this energy would be kinetic energy.”


Jin exposed his theory.


Thermal energy for Fire Magic, kinetic energy for Wind Magic, and so on.


And when this kinetic energy was applied to stones, it would become the Earth Magic spell “Stone Bullet”.



“Now then, the power that generates this kinetic power is the mage’s ‘mental waves’. In other words, the magical power we call ‘force of will’ is amplified into a larger magical power, which allows it to exert control over energy. Though I don’t know exactly how that works yet.”


Jin declared once again that he would leave the unraveling of the “how” behind the nature of magic for another occasion, and that this time he would focus on analyzing its “power” aspect.


“I’m thinking of calling this amplified mental energy that can exert control over kinetic energy ‘telekinesis’. I don’t know if this term is 100% appropriate, but it is a power that is generated according to the will of the caster, so it’s not necessarily wrong either.”


There were no objections.


“This way, it’s easy to understand a spell like ‘Forming’ as something that transforms matter with this telekinesis. And the same goes for Wind Magic, as something that moves the air with telekinetic power.”


Everyone silently listened to Jin’s remarks. At this point, Jin changed the subject.



“Well, here’s a question. Do you think it is possible to move humans with magic?”


Reinhardt immediately responded.


“In my opinion, it might be possible if you use something like Wind Magic.”


“That’s right. You got it, Reinhardt.”


Reinhardt scratched his head embarrassedly in response to Jin’s praise.


“Come on, it’s not such a great deal. After all, there was a precedent for this: Eckart Techres’ ship.”


Eckart Techres was a millionaire who lived in a town in the southern part of the Celuroa Kingdom.


He was trying to build a gigantic ship and use Wind Magic to propel it forward by blowing wind on its sails.


“Yes, that’s a good example. The idea was to use a physical phenomenon caused by magic to move the ship instead of using the magic itself.”


However, now Jin and the others knew that it wouldn’t have been just “magic itself”.


“So the question is, would it be possible to move humans with telekinesis? This is the key to solving our problem.”



Everyone kept thinking silently for a while. Then, Stearlena was the first to speak.


“Jin, do you think it’s possible to send a Golem flying using ‘Stone Bullet’?”


Jin also stopped for a moment before answering that question.


“I think it can be done. Let’s put it to the test… Mini Smith!”




Jin summoned an ultra-small Golem, which was only 10 centimeters tall.


“Please help us out with our experiment.”


Jin explained briefly. The idea was to use “Stone Bullet” to try to send the Mini Smith flying.




After heading out of the laboratory, Jin asked Reiko to catch the Mini Smith in the event that it did get sent flying.


“Leave it to me.”


“Okay, then let’s give this a try… ‘Stone Bullet’.”


Jin activated the spell that had been written in his bracelet. As a result, the Mini Smith did get sent flying through the air, and had to be caught by Reiko.”








Everyone stared at the scene in amazement.


“It seems that it can be done, if you know exactly what you’re throwing. Now, how about something bigger?”


Jin then summoned a Little Smith, which was 40 centimeters tall, and attempted the same experiment he had just done with the Mini Smith. This one also worked as expected.


“Father, can you try to send me flying this time?”


Accepting Reiko’s offer, Jin did a final experiment using her as the test subject.


“’Stone Bullet’!”




Reiko flew magnificently through the air as well, landing just as magnificently about 10 meters ahead.


“J-Jin! This is a great discovery!”


The excited Reinhardt rushed over to Jin. Saki, on the other hand, calmly shared her opinion.


“Why hasn’t anyone used it like this until now? I don’t mean to be able to fly in the sky, but this can be used to blow away enemy Golems in a war or something like that.”


“Hmm, I believe that this takes a hefty amount of magical power compared to just using it to throw stones.”


It appeared that the amount of magical power this spell consumed was relative to the mass of the stones – or Golems – one wanted to throw. This meant that if a stone weighed 1 kg a Golem weighed 200 kg, then it would take the mage 200 times the amount of magical power to move the Golem compared to moving the stone.


“I see, so maybe people didn’t try to do it because it required too much magical power for the resulting effect.”


However, a bright light had finally been cast over this mystery. Jin and the Family decided to push further in this direction.

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