Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 287: Jin, Activate

– “Kurain Kingdom” is now “Klein Kingdom”


100 silver swords and 20 all-purpose golems which can even endure battles.


“Do you want the swords to be long swords? Also, what about the specification of the golems?”


It was an obvious question. He couldn’t give his answer unless he was properly aware of what to make. The prime minister, Powell, answered to that question, “Yes, I would like the swords to be long swords. There are also samples, so please take a look afterwards.”


But the problem were the golems.


“What would be the main use and size of the golems?”


“To be bodyguards. The miscreants you repelled today—against raids like that, we have far too few soldiers. In the first place, our country is…”


And so the brief explanation went on. Klein Kingdom’s knights and imperial soldiers are career soldiers and they would be about 700 in total. Their army as a whole would have around 4000 units. Klein Kingdom’s population was about 100,000 so this should be their limit. Jin deemed the information they provided to be true. Just that they were still probably hiding the existence of their spies. Laojun was already aware of about 50 spies.


“Considering our forces, we don’t have the scope to attack other countries.” And so the prime minister brought his talk to a finish.

If it were for defense, Jin wouldn’t resist much either.


“I would like it a bit big… hmm, let’s see… about 2 meters I would say. It would really help if they are also able to work as combat engineers as well.”


Even Jin was aware that Tetrada’s castle walls were out of shape. He probably wanted to use them there as well. He could also understand why the minister wanted swords.


“All that’s left is your remuneration. For all of it combined, we will give 40,000,000 toll. If they are well done, we will add another 10,000,000 toll. We can’t go much higher than that.”


If the Klein kingdom was providing for all the materials needed then that was just the remuneration for his labor. When thought like that, it was about just the market price. Although, Jin only knew the market price from Egelia kingdom.


“I will accept.”


He had his own thoughts about it but Jin decided to accept those conditions.


“Ohh, that’s a relief.”


The king gave a broad smile. The princess, and even Jessica, couldn’t hide their joy that the negotiations went well. The knight squad leader Gren was relieved, even though he didn’t show it.


The order details were written on two different papers and the parchments were handed to the prime minister and Jin. Jin let Reiko hold his one. He could rest easy that way. By the way, Jin intentionally didn’t ask about the delivery date. He was confident he could finish it up faster than what they had planned and he also didn’t want to stay away from Kaina too long.


On the other hand, the prime minister also didn’t ask about the delivery date but his thoughts were completely opposite to that of Jin’s. He had estimated that this order would take him at least a month. In his heart, he had planned to build up good relationship with Egelia Kingdom and if possible bring Jin over here within this month. He was even considering sending Princess Lieschen there for that purpose and make her marry Egelia Kingdom’s third prince, Ernest, if need be. But even that was only for the country—and that was what made the prime minister the prime minister. However, it was Jin who would end up simply destroying all his plans unconsciously.


“Umm, are the materials gathered?”


Being told to work out all the details with the prime minister, Jin headed towards the castle’s first floor workshop. They let him use the workshop exclusively and even gave him the key.

It seemed this was normally used to make weapons and armors for the soldiers. Although, naturally, it couldn’t be used to make weapons for all the soldiers so it was mainly used to make particular weapons but there was no one in charge now.

Even at a place like this, their lack of human resource could be seen.


“Yes, as I mentioned earlier, the materials will reach here shortly but there is also no problem in using the ones in stock. The inventory is underground. Just show the official in charge this license and they will let you pass.”


Thinking that he would take about a month to finish either way, the prime minister wanted to show his generosity and so handed Jin the permit.

Receiving that, Jin asked if there was any limit to it. To which the minister replied, “None.” He even went as far as to say that to complete the order, he didn’t mind whatever Jin used.

And for their lodging until the order was done, the minister said they could use the royal villa as per Princess Lieschen’s instructions.


“I heard your sisters are also there. I am glad it is also helping the princess from boredom. This will be your permit for coming and going.”


Jin also received the permit to enter and leave the castle. Thinking that his work was done here, the minister said, “Then, I’ll leave it to you,” and was about to leave when Jin called out again, “Ah, what shall I do when I am done?”


It seemed like the minister thought he was asking where to put the completed products.


“There is an adjoined armory so I would like you to hand over them to the person in charge there. For the golems, hmm, let’s see… there is a guard office which isn’t normally used at the end of the corridor, it would be really helpful if you could carry them there.”


Jin also missed the chance to ask what he intended to do so he just nodded. But, what he really wanted to ask was, “So, if I am done with all of them?”


At first the minister thought he was being quite hasty but then re-thought that Jin was probably confirming everything since Jin might not get a chance to talk with him soon.


“Princess Lieschen normally doesn’t have anything special to do and so should be pretty free so I think it would be faster if you were to just ask her.”


From the way he talked, Jin thought they were underestimating the princess. However, he didn’t say anything there.


“Understood,” he just gave his reply. And this time for sure, the minister left. “Now then, first, I guess I will need to procure the materials.”


Jin went towards the material inventory alongside Reiko. Just as the minister had said, when they showed the permit, they were gladly allowed into the inventory.


“Alright, first we get metal ingredients. 4 ton steel, 1 kg adamantite, and 5 kg mithril. Oh, there seems to be some red arsenic nickel ore in the corner. It has quite a lot of impurities but can still be used.”


Even though it really looked like the copper could be extracted from the deep red arsenic nickel ore, it couldn’t be extracted. Instead, it would just leave arsenic and an unidentified gold.

It was an ore which was also mined on Hourai Island and was unidentified for quite a long time period. It wasn’t weird for the Klein kingdom to have a lot of it.


“I guess they are worthy of praise even for not throwing it away.” Saying that, Jin added it to the material list. “So next is magi crystal, eh?”


When he went searching a different shelf, he found yet another different material. He had guessed what it was upon seeing it but still used Analyze just to be sure. It was the dragon eel’s hide.

The dragon eel was a herbivore with a dragon-like head and a huge eel body. The big ones even reach 3 meters. It can be collected from the Manuze Lake east of the capital Alban or from Sedoria lake which was south from the capital.

The meat had too much oil but depending on the preparation, it could be tasty. More importantly, its hide was weak but carried mana so could be used in weapons or magic tools.

It was stocked on Hourai Island as well so Jin recognized it.

It was a bit more better for magical muscle than sand worm’s hide but really low in quality compared to the grand spider’s threads.

Lastly, he prepared the materials needed for the sword’s sheathe, guard, and pattern. For the sheathe, he got strongly tanned hide. For the guard, brass, and for the pattern, he got hardwood.


“Alright, this wraps it up.”


It would be bulky and impossible if they tried to carry it all at once but if it was Reiko, she could carry it all with just a few round-trips. The officer in charge was astonished with his eyes wide open.

The time was around 4 PM.


“Well then, let’s start.”


Jin started by separating the nickel from the deep red arsenic nickel ore. By the way, the ore was too big and bulky so he was doing the separation at the inventory and not at the workshop. He had also taken the officer’s permission.




He was able to separate about 350 kgs of nickel from the 20 ton ore. Arsenic was dangerous so he just left it in ore form in the inventory.

When 5.5% of nickel was mixed with steel, it was called 5 half nickel steel and with its characteristics, the resistance to corrosion and abrasion increased.

Jin took 233 kgs of nickel. (Of course, making Reiko do the carrying.)




His ingot and nickel quickly unified and became homogeneous. With this, he was done preparing 233 tons of 5 half nickel steel.

Using this, Jin first built up the frame of the golem.

He based the template on the SP adult male of Hourai Island. He was quickly done finishing the first one.


“Hmmm, so I used about 122 kgs, eh? I guess that’s enough.”


After confirming the amount he had used, with that momentum, he finished making the remaining 19 golems as well. The workshop was off limits for the time being so fortunately, there was no one who could witness this. No, maybe it was unfortunate that he couldn’t see how they would react.

If there was someone watching, they might have questioned their sanity. That was how abnormally fast Jin’s production rate was.

Of course, he also made the joints with adamantite coating.

It was also kinda unfortunate that no one was able to witness the phenomenon of the transformation of the adamantite.


But even still, it had taken some time to prepare the materials so by the time he finished up frames for 20 golems, it was past 5 PM.


“I guess I will do the rest tomorrow.”


Saying that, Jin locked the workshop and returned to the villa. The automata waiting at the entrance guided him in. It was an automata Jin had fixed.




*   *   *




At the royal villa, Hanna, Elsa and Princess Lieschen were playing together. No, there was one more person—Gloria.


“Ah, welcome baack!”


“Welcome back, Jin-dono. Thank you for your work.”


“Ohh, Jin, you’re back. This ‘sugoroku’ game thingie is pretty interesting!”


“So you’re back, Jin-dono.”


That was certainly sugoroku. They had played it to pass time in Egelia Kingdom. Looks like Elsa still remembered it and made the pieces and dice with the engineering magic she learnt recently. The princess was red, Hanna was yellow, Elsa was green, and Gloria was blue.


“Many people can play it at once, the course also changes every time which makes it even better. Above all else, the rules are really simple too.”


Looks like Princess Lieschen was getting pretty passionate about sugoroku.


“Now then, since Jin has returned… Ohh, it is already past 5.”


The princess stood up saying, “It’s almost time for dinner.”




“Was it okay for me to also join you?”


Gloria said, feeling sorry.


“It’s fine, it’s fine. The menu isn’t that grand either,” the princess said smiling. Certainly, when seen from the royalty’s perspective, it would fall into the simple category, but from the common person’s view, it was quite a feast.

After the meal, warm lemonade was served.


“Wah, tasty!”


Hanna was delighted by its taste. It seemed Elsa had had it before so she wasn’t surprised but maybe it was a taste she liked—one could tell she was happy.


“Mmm, is this honey’s sweetness?”


Drinking one mouthful, Jin expressed his thoughts. “Yes,” replied the princess and looked at Tia.


Comprehending the meaning behind the glance, Tia started explaining, “Yes, this drink was made from lemon fruit’s juice and honey. I am surprised you realized.”


But Jin didn’t say that it was because the taste was exactly like honey-lemon.


“Honey is Lenard Kingdom’s specialty and is mostly not sold in the marketplace but you had it before, didn’t you?”


Having finished saying that, the princess also drank a mouthful and faced Gloria and urged her to explain what happened afterwards with the bandits.




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