Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 300 Culprit




“You don’t need to laugh about it that much.”


“Ah, sorry. But, when I think that you were worried about that with Jin, I can’t stop.”


In short, Matheus was worried that Reinhart was homosexual.




“I-it’s your fault to begin with! You confined yourself in the carriage so long with him…”


Matheus’ face turned red as he explained himself. But that also made Reinhart laugh even more.


“Th-that’s about enough! I am going to my room!”


Matheus went out of the room, slamming the door close.


“Haha, I wonder how I am going to explain this to Jin…”



*   *   *




Jin and Reiko had reached the carriage stop.

Curtains were spread around Matheus’ carriage and some of his subordinates were staying the night there. Matheus, his butler, his lady attendant and four of his subordinates went to stay the night in the city and the remaining were here.

And there Jin met an unexpected person.


“If it isn’t Jin-sama”




It was Elsa’s previous butler, Adburgh.


“It has been a while. Since lady Elsa had gone missing, if I am not wrong.”


“You’re right. Glad to see you’re doing well.”


Jin remembered that Reinhart had found Adburgh and Herman and was bringing them along with him.


“That Mine… did quite a foolish thing. I wonder what Elsa-sama might be doing now.”


Although he was dismissed, since he had been taking care of Elsa since she was young, he did still care about her.


“What will you do from now on, Adburgh-san?”


“I have grown quite old, you see. I have my son and my daughter in my country so when I return, I will retire.”


Adburgh said while looking up at the night sky with a somewhat lonely expression.


“Ah, that reminds me, where is Herman-san?”


“Ah, Herman, he is over there.”


Saying that, he pointed towards Herman.


“Hmm? What about that child?”


Beside Herman, there was a girl of about 10 years who was wearing dirty clothing.


“…A beggar, probably.”


Adburgh said without any emotion.


“Herman is kinda soft on children who reminds him of his daughter, after all.”


Seems like Herman gave that girl something. The girl bowed over and over and then went away.

But the way she walked was weird. It was like she was dragging her right foot. Probably hurt her leg.

As it was a child, Jin couldn’t overlook it either. And so, he went towards his own carriage. Jin went inside the carriage to get some of the recovery medicine he had prepared.


“Laojun sure prepares well.”


They could return to Hourai island but there will be people watching and they wouldn’t be able to do it in an emergency situation either.

At times like those, the medicines Laojun prepared will come in handy.

Underneath the seat was a convenient ether stocker. Of course, it also has the refrigerator function in it so it can keep things fresh.


“Now then, where did that girl go?”


When he asked Reiko, who was waiting outside, she pointed towards the direction the girl went and they both followed her.


“Ah, there she is…. Eh?”


From her hair and the clothes she was wearing, there was no mistake that it was the girl from before. But the moment that girl turned around the corner of a shabby looking building, she started walking normally–no, even energetically, as if dragging her feet before was just to pretend.




Deducing her intentions behind it, Jin let out a sigh.

“It’s a tough world…”


To get some money, they appeal for sympathy. And for a child to think like that — it made Jin depressed.


“What can I possibly do…”


Still holding onto the medicine, Jin went back to his carriage. Reiko followed him in silence.




Returning back to the carriage, he leaned on the back of the seat and closed his eyes.


“I have money but… it’s not like the situation will be solved if I just give her some…”


It would just be a stopgap measure and as soon as the money is used up, they will end up right where they started.


“I guess it is a labour camp for drifters…”


“Father, what is a labour camp for drifters?”


Hearing Jin talk to himself, Reiko inquired.


“Ah. Well, it’s a place… where they take light criminals and homeless people and train them to return them to society… I guess.”


A labour camp which was made in the Ishigawa island. It’s a historically true event.

At the time–no, even now, it is an unparalleled revolutionary system.


“I would like the Nostalgia to take this initiative.”


Thinking that, Jin ordered Steward to not let anyone in the carriage and stepped on to Hourai island with Reiko.


[I see, labour camp for drifters and criminals. I guess it would be good to gather people who want to work but can’t, and also orphans and educate them]


Laojun also agreed with Jin, so he left the details and everything to Laojun.


“Won’t an organization which holds the balance of employment also be good?”


An suggested. Public Employment Security Office, in short.


“Right. Information would be indispensable in order to do that. We will have the Nostalgia do that as well.”

And like this, as Jin’s lower branch, Nostalgia steadily started penetrating into the society and increased its influence.


All the while, Jin was soaked in Hourai island’s bath, spending his time leisurely.




*   *   *




The day before Jin reunited with Reinhart.


At one of the cities of Kurain kingdom, Prense.

It was the base of count Walter, who had quite the bad reputation.

At the feudal lord’s house there, a secret talk was going on.


“You mean the guys working at Inado mine?”


“Yes. We will stealthily release them and tempt them to go to Kaina village.”


“Will that be alright?”


“I don’t care. This is how it will play out. ‘The criminals who escaped from Inado mine attacked Kaina village. My soldiers moved at high speed to save the village. But they were just a bit late and all the villagers were killed. My soldiers killed the criminals and took revenge for the villagers’”


“‘The dead can’t sing’, right?”


“Glad you pick up well.”


5-6 days in a carriage. 2-3 days on a horse. And in less than a day by a dove.

That was how far the Inado mine was.

It was one of the valuable mineral resource supply center of Kurain kingdom, located at the mountain southeast of Kaina village.


“Will we really be released?”


“Yes. However, if you’re going somewhere, go to the village up north. Because there are soldiers south.”


“If we can be free, I don’t care where I have to live!”’’’’’’’’’’’’’


At Kurain kingdom, which has a low working population, all the criminals except the ones who commit extremely heinous crimes are forced into labour.

They are put under the land’s lord to work at mines or land development. It was normal for them to do heavy labour.


“Fuhihi, I will do it!”


“Ah, yes, there will be women too, right?”


“Good food, good bed, and women. Can’t ask for more.”




‘The dead can’t sing’, that world’s saying = ‘dead men tell no tales’




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