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Chapter 303 The Border City


Toskoshia city was so close to the Shouro empire border that it was called the border city in Serroa kingdom.

Also because even though Shouro empire was in good terms with Serroa kingdom for a long time, the only entrance to it was by the border city, Toskoshia.

North from Toskoshia city lied the mountain range but south of it was a large lake which separated the two countries.

And although both these countries possessed vast areas of land, they had low population and the gap between their cultures was also big, which made them not that enthusiastic about cross-national cultural exchange.


“Well, the previous emperor did say that that won’t do and brought a little change.”


Reinhart was explaining as such to Jin while on their way to Toskoshia.


“It’s unfortunate that I can’t really disclose much information about things between the countries as I am the diplomat.”


“Oi, you two, Toskoshia is in sight.”


Matheus called out to them from outside the carriage.


“Ohh, that’s amazing.”


As Toskoshia was the border city, the fortress for border defense was adjoint to it. But Toskoshia was more fort-like compared to the actual fort.

1 kilometer away from the city lied the fort. It was built up with normal stone and seemed like any fort you could see pretty much anywhere.

But Toskoshia was a bit different. It looked as if the Ayers Rock of Australia was made small in size, gouged up the middle leaving the sides.


“I see. No wonder this would become famous.”


Jin was also impressed by it.

They decreased their speed and stopped their carriage in the post.

Toskoshia’s majestic appearance grew even bigger now that they had got off from the carriage.

Jin picked up a rock from the ground and confirmed that it was the same one used to build the city.


“Sandstone, eh. Seems like this was the bottom of a sea long, long ago.”


“What? Jin, what did you say just now?”


“Eh? Just that this was probably the bottom of a sea long ago.”


“How can you tell that with just a glance?”


Reinhart was somewhat excited.


“Why? Well, this is sandstone. This is a stone which forms when sand piles up at the seabed. I was amazed that it exists in this land.”


Saying that, Jin pointed towards the city.


“See that horizontal striped pattern? That’s more than enough evidence of it.”


Jin explained it simply. The detail of the stones would differ. For example, the ones at the bottom would be a little rougher than the ones above.

The sand gets carried by the river.  


“I see. Is that also ‘science’?”


“Yea, geology.”


At that moment, Matheus who was silently listening to Jin opened his mouth.




His voice was so loud that not only Jin, but even Reinhart was surprised.


“Amazing! Jin-dono’s explanation has answered a question I’ve had for years! Science, was it? What a wonderful subject!”




It was the first time Reinhart had seen Matheus so excited.


“….No, sorry. Reinhart, sorry for getting too excited.”


Matheus calmed down and apologized.


“But, you probably don’t know this, Matheus actually wanted to be a scholar when he was young. Remember that time when we were by the bank of Tosmo lake? You found seashells which became stones. And since then, you couldn’t help but want to know how these things come to be. But everyone around didn’t think about it a bit.”


Tosmo is a huge lake beside Matheus and Reinhart’s home.


“Some say that it was made like that by magic and others say it is a seashell which has the appearance of a stone. But I couldn’t really think of either as correct.”


“Are you talking about the fossilization of seashells?”


Jin came interrupting.

“Fossilization…? Then is it really seashell which was turned into stone with magic?”


“No, that’s not it. If so, then it would be weird if even the seashell’s interiors didn’t remain, right? That stone you saw didn’t have its interior, did it?”


“Th-that’s right. From what I saw, the seashell’s interior was of a stone.”


Jin nodded.


“Most probably, the interiors were soft so they were transposed in a period of years.”


“Years, eh. Is it about a thousand years?”


“No, millions. Can also be 100 millions of years.”


Even Reinhart was surprised hearing that.


“Th-that much?!”


Saying that out loud, Matheus was surprised by his own words. And so, remembering his place, he straightened his back, cleared his throat and said,


“Ahem, I would like to listen to more of this but let’s go to an inn first. My subordinates are already getting the applications done so we should be able to enter the city immediately.”


Saying that, he stood in front and headed for the entrance of the city.

Jin and Reinhart (Reiko and Reinhart’s butler and attendant too) followed after him.

It was at that moment.


“Nobles! Please, I have a request!”


Along with that voice, a person came kneeling on the ground (dogeza – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogeza).


(Woah, dogeza also exists here.)


While Jin was having such misdirected thoughts, Reinhart, to whom the ‘noble’ word was directed, was bewildered.


“Are you a citizen of the Shouro empire?”


The custom of ‘dogeza’ didn’t exist in Serroa kingdom, Egelia kingdom, Kurain kingdom, Francis kingdom and Elias kingdom. It only existed in the Shouro empire.


“Y-Yes! I am Barou and this is Belle.”


The boy who named himself as Barou looked to be about 14-15 years old. Belle, the girl beside her, also looked of the same age.


“Belle and I were working under a noble at Bololon but the previous day, that noble was regulated and we have lost our jobs.”


Jin was startled upon hearing that. It was probably a part of the reformation the Serroa kingdom’s executives decided on when things are related to Unifiers.

But as a result, there were people who had lost their jobs. There was a need for Nostalgia to properly deal with this situation.

However, first comes the two in front.


“I am a butler apprentice and Belle is an attendant apprentice. So we can do most of the jobs! Please, take us back with you to our empire!”




Reinhart had a troubled expression.


“You kids don’t have a visa, right?”


That was more of a confirmation rather than a question.




“As I thought. And so you thought of passing through as a noble’s attendant.”


“B-But! Belle and I are undoubtedly from Shouro empire! We also have a home there!”


Barou was clinging on, with a desperate face. But Reinhart was composed.


“Where is your home?”




“Hmm, the city beside Kuraimhilde, eh.”


“N-No! That’s not it! It’s a city north of Monto!”


Hearing that, Reinhart broadly grinned. Looks like that was a trick question just now.


“I see. ‘Daheim ist daheim’, they say after all.”


Jin didn’t understand what he was talking about for a moment there.


“Yes, there is no place like home.”


Hearing Barou’s answer, he guessed it was something only people of Shouro empire would understand.


“Hmm, it seems like there is no mistake that you kids are from Shouro empire. But we are also hurrying to return home, you see.”


Reinhart answered that they couldn’t possibly wait here till the visas of these two were done.


“N-no, please! Please, we will do anything! Please!”


As Barou said that, Belle, who had her face facing down the whole time, collapsed.








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