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Chapter 305 Pelshika Juice

The two had regained consciousness so Jin, with Elsa and Mine, went into the room.

It was completely pitch black outside now but since Jin’s house had magic lamps lit, they could see properly.

And the room those two were sleeping in was even more brightly illuminated.

There were two futons placed in the room and Belle was still lying down. Barou was sitting up straight and saw Jin and the others come in.


“Yo, seems like you regained consciousness.”


Jin called out to them.


“Y-yes! U-um… this is…?”


The two were sleeping on quality futons made in Hourai island. Barou, who was feeling grateful towards this really comfortable futon opened his mouth first.


“It’s a place called Kaina village. More importantly, how do you feel?”


“Y-yes. Thank you very much, I am fine now.”


Said Barou as he tried standing up but Jin stopped him and said,


“Ah, just keep lying down, it’s fine. Drink this.”


Saying that, Jin gave him a glass of pelshika juice specially made in Hourai island. Of course, there was enough for Hanna and the others, which he was planning on giving later on.


The thing that’s so special about these are that they weren’t stored in ether stocker, but rather in an ether box.

According to the inspection lead by Laojun, the pelshika (=peach) grown in Hourai island had even more ether stored in it.

They had ether in them just like healing medicines but their effects were different. The healing medicines would heal the body’s wounds but the peach would put the body in order.

It was even verified that if living beings with even a tiny  mana in them ate these peaches, their mana would become more refined and increase temporarily and their physical condition would improve drastically.

It was still being researched if this was due to the contents of ether or due to the land itself.


And as such, the pelshika juice made from pelshika of Hourai island had numerous healing properties, although not as much as the healing medicines. On top of that, there will be no side effects even if you drink it everyday.

Moreover, if taken together with the healing medicine, the effect could even be doubled.


“T-thank you very much.”


Barou took the cup with both hands, expressing his gratitude. The cup was filled with thick juice. He had hesitated for a moment there but smelling its sweet scent, he tried drinking one gulp.




An unbelievable sweetness spread throughout his mouth. And before he realized, he had finished drinking all of it.


“Thank you very much. It was delicious.”


“Do you want to drink some more?”


Jin asked Barou, who was reluctantly looking at the cup.


“N-no! Please give some to Belle, not me!”


Hearing that, Jin gave a broad smile.


“Have her drink this first. Right, Barou, you make her drink it.”


Saying that, Jin gave Barou a different cup. It was filled with a light yellowish liquid and didn’t give off any sweet smell.


“Can I ask what this is?”


“It’s medicine.”


Jin answered promptly and urged him to make her drink it quickly. Hearing it is medicine, Barou quickly held up Belle and said,


“Belle, can you drink? It’s medicine.”




Although she was conscious, it seemed like her senses were still cloudy and she still didn’t have the energy to speak properly. Barou somehow made her drink the medicine and let her rest again.


“Thank you very much.”


Jin took the cup, and this time gave him a different cup.


“Make her drink this, even if only a little.”


This time it was the same juice Barou drank. Barou made Belle drink that as well.

Belle somehow drank that as well.

Seeing that, Jin pointed towards the refrigerator, placed at a corner of the room and said,


“There is more of this juice inside that fridge. If you feel like drinking more, help yourself to it. Rest well for today.”


Being told that, Barou timidly asked,


“U-um… why are you being so nice to us?”

Jin thought for a bit and replied,


“Hmm, I wonder. I couldn’t just leave you guys in that situation, could I?”


And then he introduced Elsa and the others.


“This is Elsa, my protegee. And that is Mine, Elsa’s mother.”


“Ah, I-I’m Barou. Elsa-sama, Mine-sama, pleased to make your acquaintance.”


Barou stood up and greeted them, then faced towards Jin and asked,


“U-Um, what is your name, sir?”


“Hm? Ah, did I not introduce myself? I am Jin. Jin Nidou.”


“Jin-sama, got it! Thank you very much for saving us!”


Barou expressed his gratitude with a deep bow.


“Ah, that’s fine. Just rest for today.”


Saying that, Jin left the room with Elsa and Mine.

Before leaving, he said,


“The toilet is on the first floor. The water well is a bit far but drinking water is in that fridge. I will be in the next room so if something happens, you can call me.”


And finally left.

Jin went to his room and Elsa and Mine went downstairs.


Left alone, Barou looked after Belle. Seemed like Belle had fallen asleep again. Somehow, her complexion was better than before.

When he tried checking her temperature, it had also gone down considerably.


“That’s a really effective medicine…”


Barou said to himself. He would think so naturally as well, since Belle’s condition was like this for 4 days now. He felt like he was energized as well.


“Looks like we were saved by a really nice person, huh…”


And lied down once again.


“This futon is also unbelievably comfortable too.”


And like that, Barou also fell asleep again.




*   *   *





The next day. Barou woke up from the light shining on him through the window. He realized he was sleeping on a soft and fluffy futon.


“Ah, I see… We were saved by Jin-sama.”


Muttering that, he looked beside him. Belle who was supposed to be sleeping there was not there now and the futon was folded up.




He panicked and tried jumping out the window to search for her but stopped seeing that he was on the 2nd floor. And when he looked closely, Belle was right below, on the first floor.




He called out from the window. Hearing his voice, Belle looked up and waved at him.


“Barou! You woke up?”


Barou immediately went out to the corridor, down the stairs and out the door.


“B-Belle! Are you okay now?! What about your fever?”


“Yep, I am all fine now. I somewhat felt really good when I woke up in the morning. And, when I realized, I was in a futon, right? And Barou was sleeping comfortably too. And so I silently got out.”


“Haa… Don’t make me worry. But I am glad.”


While they were having that conversation, Mine appeared.


“Ah, you kids are already able to get up. As expected, Jin’s medicines work really well.”


Mine knew as she was also cured by Jin’s medicine once. Seeing Mine, Belle whispered to Barou’s ears,


(“…Who is she?”)


“Ah, yes, you weren’t really conscious yesterday, were you? Umm, Mine-sama, right?”


Mine smiled and nodded.


“Yes, that’s right. Since you have woken up, you should better go wash your fac… ah, it would probably be better if you go take a bath at the hot spring altogether.”


Saying that, she called out to Elsa who had just woken up.


“Elsa, please take these two to the hot spring. I will bring them towel and a change of clothes later.”


Saying she also had to prepare breakfast, Mine left them to Elsa and went back into the house to prepare.


“Then, I will guide you to the hot spring. Follow me.”


“Umm, Elsa-sama, right? Umm, what exactly, is a hot spring?”


Elsa gave a pleasant smile and just answered “you will know once you get there” and started walking.

Barou and Belle had nothing else to do and so they followed Elsa.













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