Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 307 Shouro Empire

After having lunch, Jin let Hanna and the others know that he was going out again.

All of them accompanied him to the underground entrance to see him off.


“Onii-chan, take care. You too, Reiko onee-chan.”


Having understood that they would come back frequently like this while in their journey, Hanna was able to send them off with a smile this time.


“Jin-nii, you’re finally going to be entering Shouro empire, huh.”


Elsa looked just a tad bit jealous.


“Yeah. It would be nice if you could return someday too.”


Jin said while thinking that she must feel like returning there too.


“Mm. But still, this is a nice place. And mother is with me, as well.”


“Yes, Jin-sama, please don’t bother yourself with it. Rather, please enjoy your trip.”


“Thank you. Well then, I leave Barou and Belle to you guys.”


“Yes, leave them to us.”


Barou and Belle weren’t here. It would be a bit troublesome if they suddenly knew that Jin could go to Shouro empire from here so he left them at his house.

It was still early for them to know.


“Ah, right, right. I was planning on building a feudal lord’s mansion or something around here. Just letting you guys know.”


Jin told them about what he was thinking about yesterday. There was no time so he was concise.

In short, if Kurain kingdom’s messenger came and saw Jin living in a shabby house, it might be bad so he thought of building something splendid.  

It seemed at least Mine and Elsa had the political knowledge to understand the meaning behind it.


“Well, then.”


“Take care.”


And Jin departed once again.





*   *   *





“….And, that’s how it is.”


After stopping by Hourai island, Jin told Laojun the same thing.


[I just need to make a lord’s mansion, right? How should the exterior look?]


As Jin didn’t really think too much about it and since he didn’t have much time on hand, he just said,


“I will leave it to you, Laojun.”


And gave one more instruction,


“I am pretty sure Belle’s condition rose from fatigue but make the whole village have the pelshika juice, just in case.”


He did not want a pandemic.


“Understood. I will make Butler A get to it as soon as possible.”


Jin was relieved to hear that and went on inside the warp gate.


[My lord’s mansion, eh… The exterior should be befitting of him. If that’s the case…]


It seems he had decided on an idea so he called 20 of the Smiths.


[Using Daidara in the beginning would speed up the progress. Then the construction must begin at night.]


Thinking he should gather the materials till then, Laojun started working. First, he called out Jin’s proxy, Butler A, from Kaina village and explained it to him.

The time difference between Kaina village and Toskoshia is about 2 hours. Jin left Kaina village at 9 am and got to Toskoshia at about 7 am.

The departure time was at 8 but since he didn’t get the time to look around the city yesterday, he wanted to do some sightseeing even if just a little.


“As I thought before, the best part is that the castle walls are made by shaving boulders.”


The fact that they made it by hand without magic amazed him.


“I wonder how many people had to work…”


He muttered.


“It wouldn’t even take 3 days for the golems in Hourai island. I could do it in a day.”


Or so Reiko was saying beside him but he wasn’t talking about that.

Although he had not seen them in person, he could feel the humankind’s wisdom when he looked at structures such as The Great Wall of China or the Pyramids.

When he explained that to Reiko, she somewhat understood what he was trying to say.


“….Do you mean admiring the scheme of making something so big with limited ways of doing?”


“Hmm, well, yeah, you could think of it like that.”


As Jin knew that Reiko’s perception differs from that of human’s a bit, Jin was more than satisfied with her answer.

They had also built stairs, rooms and windows by shaving the sandstone.

And not to mention the vertical 10 meter wall made from it.

This kind of experience was new to Jin.


And after a bit of sightseeing, Reiko pulled the cuff of Jin’s sleeve.

When he turned, he saw that Reinhart was approaching him.




Claude was beside him, carrying the luggage.


“Yo, good morning.”


“Good morning. Are you sightseeing?”


“Yeah. We still have time so thought might as well.”


Hearing Jin’s answer, Reinhart instructed Claude to return to the carriage with the luggage.

And after Claude left and there were none related to them nearby,


“What happened to those two?”


Reinhart asked.


“Yeah, after having medicine, food and spending a while hot spring, they are doing fine now.”


Considering this conversation, a person who doesn’t know them properly wouldn’t know what they were talking about.


“I am glad. As I thought, it was better leaving it to you.”


“Yeah. If they want to, I can bring them here later too. I want them to relax a bit now.”


Reinhart nodded.


“Yea, that’s right. Well, either way, we cross the border today.”


Saying that, he started walking towards the carriage checkpoint.


“Oh, Reinhart.”


Matheus had already done the arrangements.


“So you were with Jin-dono. If everything’s fine, let’s depart.”




They would be crossing the border so Reinhart got into his carriage.

And then, they entered the city through its front gate and kept going on down the road. Jin thought that the checkpost would lie in the city.

And as he thought, a noticeably majestic building could be seen in front. It was covered by high walls and the entrance to the building looked sturdy.

As the carriage got into it, the sturdy-looking door closed.


“Jin-dono, I would like you to come down from the carriage.”


Matheus called out. Jin got off  with Reiko, as he was told.


“The official in charge will check the documents now.”


Said Reinhart.


“Jin-dono, about your social status, the diplomat of Shouro empire, Reinhart, and the leader of Imperial Guards squad 3, Matheus — in other words, me, will guarantee.”


Said Matheus.

And as he said, the inspection was over in a short period of time. It was a bit disappointing that they weren’t inspected for their belongings but from what he found out later, it seems that was because of a certain ‘present’.


“You’re spending quite a lot.


Jin said after they crossed the checkpost.


“This is also part of the plan.”


Reinhart said with a smile.

After they all got back into the carriage, it went circling down a passage inside the building. And after a while, a door, similar to the one in the entrance, could be seen.


“Let’s go! Across that is my country!”


Reinhart’s voice, filled with joy, could be heard from his carriage.

They passed through the wall. Both sides of the building had tall walls but the stone paving underneath the carriages clearly changed.

And after advancing on like that, they passed through another gate beyond which there were 4 guards.

Reinhart stopped his carriage and showed what looked like his certificate.

Seeing that, the guards gave a bright smile and saluted.


“Welcome back, sir!”










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