Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 310 Deep water wells


Jin and the others had left the city of Banyuu and started heading west using the highway. They had an early lunch at Kurowas city and stayed the night at Hatata city.

They were travelling about 40 kilometers a day but since they were already in their home country, Reinhart wasn’t hurrying anymore.

In fact, it also seemed a bit like he was a little sad that the journey was going to be over soon.

Even though he had wanted to go to his motherland as soon as possible when they were stopped at Asunto.

Hatata city was the connection point of highways, and so many people could be seen coming in and going out.


As the spring sun was still high, Reinhart guided Jin and showed him around the Hatata town. Reiko silently accompanied them.


“Unlike Banyuu city, this one has quite a lot of single-storied buildings, huh?”


One could see quite a few two-storied buildings in Banyuu but one-storied buildings were more in number here.

The eaves on the roofs were small so the roofs looked even smaller to Jin.


“Ah, yeah. There is a lot of land compared to the population so there are no need for 2nd floors here, you see.”


“Certainly seems so.”


Although there were a lot of coming and going here because of the highways, since the city itself was quite big, people spread throughout it and, as a result, the city looked deserted at a glance.


“It doesn’t rain as much here. Banyuu had the Divide river close to it, so it has plenty water but you need to dig pretty deep wells here to get water.”


Hearing that, Jin understood why the roofs were small. When it rains a lot, inversely, the roofs are much bigger and the eaves are deeper.


“Ah, so that’s why it’s kinda dusty here.”


The windows were also quite small to prevent the dust from entering.


“More or less. One more thing… you can’t really expect much of the food here.”


Reinhart said disappointedly.

They returned to the inn after 4 pm, after some sightseeing.


“Welcome back.”


The inn was different, being two-storied. And like the other buildings of this city, as the sites were wide, it also had a wide garden.


“I will bring the ‘rinse’ immediately.” The doorkeeper girl said energetically.


By ‘rinse’, she meant water and towels to wipe off the dust, as this city is always quite dusty.

Beside the huge entrance hall of the inn, a well was dug and a pulley and a bucket was there to pull up water.


“Here we go.”


Seeing the girl pull up water, Jin was reminded of Kaina village’s previous state. Seeing Hanna strenuously draw water, he had built a pump.

Hanna was 8 years old back then. Now, the girl drawing water was about 12-13 years old. Jin gazed at the scene, without any particular thought.


“Ah, shoot!”


Seems like her hand slipped, making the bucket fall down, making a loud noise once it hit the water.

In case of drawing water using a pulley, it’s quite hard to stop a bucket from falling down if you let it go once.

And as expected, the girl’s palm was abraded as she had tightly gripped the rope.


“S-sorry! I will pull it up back again!”




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Saying that, she began pulling the bucket again. As Jin saw the girl pulling the bucket back up again, he realized that it was taking quite a while and remembered how Reinhart was saying how the wells are very deep here.


“Sorry it took so long. Here’s the water.”


She handed them the bucket and towel. Reinhart and Jin took that silently and wiped their faces, necks, hands and feet.


“Thank you. That was refreshing.”


Saying that, Reinhart gave the girl a tip.


“T-thank you very much!”


Seeing the happiness on the girls face, Jin realized that he didn’t have any money on hand. And so,


“Show me your hand.”


Saying that, he took her hand and,




And used healing magic. The hand which had blood flowing from it was clean again.


“Th… thank you very much!”


She must have been pretty happy, as she gave Jin a deep bow, and later, went off with the water bucket.


Their room was quite large and they all had different bedrooms. Jin, Reinhart, Matheus and Reinhart’s butler Claude were in the same room.

Jin, who had something on his mind, called out to Reinhart.


“What happened, Jin?”


“We need to talk.”


Jin talked about the pump he had made before. It became quite popular in the Kurain kingdom but since Reinhart looked like he knew nothing about it,


“There’s such a tool?! I am extremely curious, I will help.”


Reinhart was very excited.

And so, Jin and Reinhart went to meet with the inn’s owner together.


“Isn’t the well here very deep? What do you think of installing a far more efficient and easy tool to draw water?”


In addition to this, Reinhart, who was famous as the maker of Schwarzritter, also helped in persuasion, so the owner agreed and requested the pump.


“Jin, will you have enough time?”


“Yeah, the days are long, after all.”


After having such a conversation, Jin ordered the golem he had brought, Steward, to gather the materials.


“Yes, master.”


Seeing such a short reply from the Steward, Reinhart whispered to Jin,


“That golem, is not as bad as it looks, right?”


He could only tell because of the amount of time he had spent with Jin and saw the stuff he made.


“Well, yeah. As expected of you, Reinhart.”


Steward returned immediately, with some bronze materials and some incomprehensible avant-garde type materials. They weighed about 120 kgs. It was more than enough for the materials.


“Is this ‘Tenkunhan’s work?”


Reinhart spoke of a weird name.


“Who is that?”


“I guess you wouldn’t know.”


Reinhart explained it simply: Tenkunhan is a craftsman who was praised extravagantly for a period of time but was now bored and no one knows what he is doing.

Saying that then it won’t be a problem, Jin easily turned the materials into an ingot using fusion and homogenization.


“Amazing, as always.”


“Now then, this is the real part.”


Jin was about to start making the deep well pump.

The wells were about 10 meters deep here.


“Reinhart, could you make the pipes? I will adjust the final size so just try to make the inside diameters about 8 centimeters. And about 10 meters long.”


“Alright, got it.”



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As the style of this pump was similar to the one he had made before, Jin was able to make it even more precisely.

Moreover, the handle of the pump was quite long. Even a very long pole was also made.


“Reiko, Steward, help me set it up.”






As the pipe was quite long, it was also very heavy. Steward’s weight is over 200 kgs so he is perfect for situations like this.


“I will explain properly later.”


Saying that to Reinhart, Jin started setting up the pipe.

The greatest difference from the normal pumps was the location of the pump’s body itself.

In cases of deep wells, you need to place the pumps body underwater. This is called the underwater cylinder style.

When this method is used, it doesn’t suck/pump up the water, it just lifts it up so as long as there is power, it can draw water up many meters.

However, this won’t work unless it’s a dug up well.


“Alright, that’s right. Hold it down… ‘fusion’.”


The pipe was slowly being joined together. He then installed the pump’s piston into the long pole and then installed that into the handle.


“Father, I will hold this down.”


And now that Reiko was helping as well, the work just got much more easier. It was his first time setting up a deep well pump but they were able to finish it up in about 15 mins.


“Alright, the sliding between the piston and the cylinder also looks to be good.”


Jin nodded, satisfied after moving the handle, he looked at the people watching.

After hearing that the magi engineer of another country was making something, the customers and idle employees in the inn gathered to watch him.

Among them, Jin also found the doorkeeping girl from before.


“Ah, there you are. You, come here for a bit.”


As Jin invited her over, she came towards him, looking slightly uneasy.


“Y-yes, do you mean me…?”


To ease off her nervousness, Jin smiled and said,


“Yep, you. Listen properly, this handle… try bringing it up and down, like this.”


One would need quite a bit of strength to bring up water from deep underneath. And as such, the handle of this pump was even bigger than the one at Kaina village.


“Yes, like… this?”


She went on doing as Jin told her to. 20 times, 30 times. And as she kept doing it, the handle also kept getting heavier. And the moment she thought that, water came out from the opening.




The girl was surprised. The gallery was also struck with admiration as they went ‘Ohhh!’.


“Alright, it’s a success. You will be able to draw up water more easily from now on.”


Saying that, Jin patted the girl’s head.







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